"My Angelician is my son"


The change at the end of the year Copa Libertadores de Amrica between River Plate and Boca Juniors He also had changes in security work. Despite what happens in Argentina, the Spanish authorities have promised to allow the country to enter – or at least Santiago Bernabu– to the Millionaire and Xeneize roving slopes. It is a case that gives examples of what is named Maximiliano Mazzaro, one of the leaders of one of the independent parties of the blue and gold cast that was taken out of Spain in the last hours.

Mazzaro traveled to Madrid in the early hours of the morning with his companion's companions and, when he left the country, Argentina's Security gives warning to Spain that person can not go into your sports stadium. By messaging, his airport agents said it would be deleted. In the morning today, Maximiliano will go to her; arriving at Buenos Aires and talking to the media about what happened to European soil.

In the first instance, Mazzaro made it clear he did not expect to go to; saw the Superclassic and attacked the president of Boca Juniors. "They did not get rid of me from Spain, they brought me back, tell me, and next week you can go back to look for your family, I did not. , going to the game, I was traveling with my family, to Barcelona, ​​five years ago I'm not going to court As I said, do not go to the game, Daniel Angelici has been a son for a while now, "maintained without language.

Also, tell me that it was a terrible situation; at Barajas airport: "I was delaying for 20 hours, my son is three years old, my family is broken up, this is against me and my family." Barcelona, he closed the Xeneize brava brake. As a result of the events of Mazzaro, Rafael Di Zeo and other musicians of "La 12" will fly from flying to Spain.

At this time, Maxi is managing an independent beat of La Ribera's election and is typically a & # 39; Attacking the games that Admiral Brown's disputes are at court. However, the high-profile says: "I have no relationship with anyone who is part of the white-haired football bars, I do not return to that environment more. "

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