My favorite ones do not prefer – the best film is black and white


It is a prestigious award for British film prizes. However, before winning the prize, most of her favorite film and Zvezda was born, the Academy wondered with a successful film and director. But it was not bad either, either, because she built up just seven images.

Alfonso Cuaron – the best director and best film (Roma)Light Heavy Extreme

In the Royal Albert Hall (Royal Albert Hall) in London, they received British film awards with Bafta. The event was also held this year Joanna Lumley (played in a popular series no doubt), And artists on Cirque de Soleil were again on stage. Even before, all of them were wait vigilantly when the royal couple – Kate and William arrived.

The drama of the historical dress was the one who was. her favorite I prefer famous Greek leader Yorgosa Lanthimosa, who had 12 appeals. After seven options for the prize, films were followed Bohemian Rhapsody, Born Star, Roma there First personSub-Tutors also been named for the best film for the best movie Black KKKlanovec Spike Lee there Green Book Patrick FarrellySouth Westerly

Lee is beside Lanthimos, Alfons Cuarón (TheRome) and Bradley Cooper (The star was born) also competed for the best director, along with a director Cold WarPawel Pawlikowski. At the end, a self-contained animation was very spectacular Rome, showing a picture of the life of the woman Cleo and his employer, Sofie, TheHe won not only a film that also received the Golden Lion in Venice, but also the film director (this is his second bumper, his first image for the film Abbreviation).

Onwards Olivie Colman there Lady Gaga For the best actor they were also counted on the image Glenn Close (TheWoman), Melissa McCarthy (TheCan you be on my best?) and Viola Davis(TheWidow). The prestigious image was erected by Olivia for the queen's queen's office (before his athlete was awarded a gold world), his film partnerRachel Weisz She got an image for her best acting actor. In her speech, Olivia thanked the participants and all those who took part in the movie, and then, after the prize, they definitely have a good meal, and that's not a bit .. .

Olivia Colman – the best actor aheadLight Heavy Extreme

In the people's department, they were at Cooper and Rami Malek still named Christian Ballet (TheVice), Steve Coogan (TheStan & Ollie) and Viggo Mortensen (TheGreen Book), And Rami was the one who put forward the winning winner: "It's hard to get into your world for this job, because I'm not here. You are British as well … I fully understand how the world is a musical legacy for you. Thank you for submitting me here."

Rami Malek – the best actor in the directionLight Heavy Extreme

Each division and champion:

The best movie

Black KkClansman

Green Book

I prefer


The star was born

The best film in Britain


Bohemian Rhapsody

I prefer


Stan & Ollie

You have never been always

The best actor in the main head

Bradley Cooper Summary – The star was born

Christian Bale – West

Rami Malek – Bohemian Rhapsody

Steve Coogan – Apartment in Ollie

Viggo Mortensen – Green Book

The best actor in the main head

Glenn Close – Mrs.

Lady Gaga – The star was born

Melissa McCarthy – Can You Ever Leave Me?

Olivia Colman – You like

Viola Davis – Bantraich

Best Guidelines

Spike Lee – Black KkClansman

Pawel Pawlikowski – Cold War

Yorgos Lanthimos – You like

Alfonso Cuarón – Rome

Bradley Cooper Summary – The star was born

The best actor in the post

Adam Driver – Black KkClansman

Mahershala Ali – Green Book

Richard E Grant – Can you have my best?

Sam Rockwell – Vice

Timothee Chalamet – Beautiful Boy

Mahershala Ali – the best actor in the postLight Heavy Extreme

The best actor in the post

Amy Adams – Vice

Claire Foy – The first one

Emma Stone – You like

Margot Robbie – Mary, Queen of Scots

Rachel Weisz – You like

Raonaid Weisz – the best actor in the postLight Heavy Extreme

The best film for a foreign language


Cold War



Shop Shops

The best film is the best

73 Cow


The Blue Door



The best lively short film

I am fine



The best animated film

Uncertain 2

Canna Island

Spider-Man: Enter Spider-Verse

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