"My husband is my first lover and the only one in my life" – Exhibitions


Before we go to the PH board, we can talk, its program hosts will be led by Andy Kusnetzoff. submit to personal questions within the "venue" document frame, where a & # 39; Most of the humorous statements of famous people are taking place.

In this case, Jimena Monteverde told her part of her life story, as far as Mrs. Faridah, fourth wife of the Sultan Bhrunin woman, was chosen to give cooking classes a personal cook. And he ended up talking about her relationship with Mariano, who is in a 25 year old couple and his two children, Victorio and Amparo.

"Is your husband your first sweetheart?" Andy, who already had some information, asked her to go to her. cook. "Yes," she replied with a smile.

"Is it the only one in your own life?", Who wanted to bring the driver into the subject. "Yes," she answered again, and Joaquín El Pollo Álvarez, one of the guests said: "What a mistake!"

The rest of the smile smiled at the driver's opinion and Andy came to her; round: "Move to the center those with only one person in your life."

"It's strong, Jimena, I want to find out, you're so quiet, did not you ever create a story?" Andy asked.

She did not want to go too deep: "Yes, she created me, but I chose it, I'm totally happy and I do not look for anything, I'm fucking but Everyone knows what he is. "

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