My kitchen regulates the secret rules of Josh and Austin REVEALED


In an incredible version, Josh and Austin finally finished visiting My Monday's My Kitchen Rules night program.

After coming down to the board, the people who were in the " homes ban on the judges with the Jambalaya and Sweet Potato.

The boys revealed the New Idea of ​​the mystery behind their success.

Channel 7

Channel 7

"We sometimes find it in situations where we do not take care of what we are doing but if we are committed, we will get a way through," said the two.

"It's going to be a bit of a bad time at first but watch out, watch out," they said.

Judge Manu also suggested that he would send them a small fire to get the best results.

"I felt that I had to say something. It worked and put it up and started hard work and went a lot longer than I thought it would be them, "he said.

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