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A woman from Ningbo, Zhejiang Department, China, was delighted to watch her friends and other women's WeChat conversation charts on Wednesday (14th). She opened the truck door that was in her. Driving on the road and jumped out of her car. The whole process of jumping was taken by the road survey.

Police said the scrutiny test was in & # 39; shows that the blue carriage door opened at about 2:30 pm. A woman grew in black red pants out of her & # 39; A car quickly and stretched nearly 10 meters before landing. Not moving at all. Stopping the truck thereafter and sent off his car to pick up the woman who was severely injured. After that, other drivers helped them to carry the woman back to her; car and put him to the hospital for his liberation.

The police showed that the truck was driving and running; wife in relationship. When the woman went over her beloved mobile phone, she found that her lover was talking to other women on WeChat. The content was "very close". The driver explained to her that she had no communication, and promised that she would not know again in the future, but her lover did not believe and did not; She can not control the fraction, and jump directly. (Mainland / Total Foreign Reports)

Disclosure time: 07:07
Updated: 22:25 (Update: Animation)

Looking through
Looking through "澎湃 新闻"

The jerserer was sent to the hospital for headaches. Looking through
The jerserer was sent to the hospital for headaches. Looking through the "Golden Golden Journal"

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