My MIX 3 – Xiaomi Smartphone Slide Review


My MIX 3 - Xiaomi Smartphone Slide Review

Offshore screens have become one of the key innovations in smartphones in recent years. But most of them have one small decoration – a knife where cameras, speakers and anxiety are added. Some makers have a limited activity, leaving there, for example, just a & # 39; camera. But in particular, nothing changed, because the loop was still left. There were also options when there was a wider framework on one side of the screen called the camera and other sensors, but in this case, the mobile phone can be used without a framework but in a coherent manner. The Xiaomi company is one of the ones who try to get rid of this bad circle, a & # 39; drop off the Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 slide, and its frame is very thin, and there is no screen cut. Today in the review we will meet it.


The number of different modules of the company may be in some bullying points, and the appearance of new ones is higher than the number of brands A. He found that a number of banner modules could be be there, not to & # 39; Describes two options for individual storytelling. The main banner is in the Xiaomi and Mi 8 line, with a more expensive version with a transparent and more accessible feature with the Lite prefix.

The Mi MIX line maker became an experimental; If you remember, there was a & # 39; The first Michael MIX with one "thick" edge, and was also marked by a piezo-dinamic speaker. But Mi MIX 2 and 2 followed, and its concept was not changed across the globe, and the features and design were not completed only. Thus, the Mi MIX 3 came to a certain degree to the regulation because the machine got the slider and show frame very fast for its first time in the manufacturer's model range.

Pack and first ideas

The box with this smartphone includes what you need and a couple of more. Unfortunately, we did not only send us the appliance for the test, even without a box or carger. For the final customer, naturally, the full set will be delivered, namely: a power supply unit with support for fast and cable tax, "adapter" record for a relevant mobile phone, case, induction fee station ( also with support for fast taxes) and documents.

My MIX 3 start is not quite different from the rest of the company's smartphones. Everything works according to their expectations. In part, it's like the Mi 8, with a backbone similar to it. But the features of its case do not; Relaxing at the first place, since normal monoblocks are time consuming; appear on the market, and here we have a slide.

Design and use

At the first start, we will telephony with other smartphones with a long screen and a simple body. But this is a slide. The display unit can be reduced slightly, by opening the front cameras. So he would do without cutting the screen. And who does not bring it into the hands, this is the first impression: "This is a very rare tweed phone." And the second level of knowledge with the device will grow as a click file.

In our case, the machine was a & # 39; Getting some challenge first and not long before the display unit could be moved from side to side, even without effort. This may be a design feature. We do not know how reliable this device is, but it can be accepted that it can be dispersed and spread over time.

If you only open it to activate the startup cameras (yes, there are two of them) and / or who respond to & # 39; Calls, and most of the time in a well-known telephone call, with a glass on the front, a "back" chemical, and an aluminum base between them. This is all clear and more likely to be closed by cover. Such a drop of phone is completely unconnected, as clay and glass are broken, and the frame will be broken; bending at the same time. And this does not describe how the digital phone itself can be split into two parts. And you can let down when it does, which often needs to be done, because the group is large: 157.89 × 74.69 × 8.46 mm, weight – 218 grams. The color colors are restricted to three: black, blue and green. In this case, the smartphones will always be good from both sides.

As mentioned previously, in the hands it seems that Mi 8. Of the controls, it is worth having to be aware of a button on the left side to call the voice supporter (in China, a corporate voice assistant, and Google's support is in the global versions of the device). Make two pages on the button you can convert the camera quickly. Activities can be re-registered, but the option is small. Even in the guide, you can refuse to find navigable buttons and handbags. Well used to you, you can deal with this, but the response rate and animation of what is happening is slightly lower than the general control model type. For the fast and most convenient solution of the device, there is only a branch scanner on the back side, the face frames do not recognize the owner's face. Actually, the scanner works quickly and well, it's enough.

Depending on relevant comments, smartphone was successful. If you do not think about the possible damage to the slide, then you like the design and the user's feelings. Undoubtedly, to hide the smartphones in the case, it will not be so beautiful, but it will be much safer. Those users who do not frighten small writings and not to leave their smartphones, especially as this knowledge.


Almost all front panel has not been given to the screen. It contains 93% of the space in the front, and the extension is 6.39 inches. The highest resolution is not, but it was enough – 2340 × 1080 pixels (403 ppi). Item ratio 19.5: 9. The corners of the rounded screen and repeat the shape of the case. The frames are very small (except that their base is just over the rest). All this looks, really, really.

Under glass the AMOLED matrix is ​​made by Samsung. Creating common settings shows a drawn image. I would not say it's not uncomfortable, just with a direct comparison to a more detailed screen, you can see that there is more saturation. But in this case in the settings you can sort things that you allow. There is also an evening mode that avoids a color of blue for more ability in the evenings. In general, the picture is good, and for such a large screen it is important. The only thing when it turns out to be AMOLED is obvious, the colors are changing clearly. But while using smartphone, I rarely do it; look at the screen at such a corner.

The highest illumination of 425 cd / m² with so many matrices is enough so that there is no worry about reflection on a sunny day. At the same time, their light awareness and behavior is good. Their awareness is well-suited to up to 10 points, but there is a problem. Due to the small frames and the big screen, there are random effects. And whatever the phone is in one hand, or two. It may be a lot of time, but when I'm in a while, Trying the smartphone, I would often see that. Rest of the screen and the like.


As the lead speaker is only working. Unfortunately, not involved in playing media and playing plays. This would be useful in my opinion. The quality of sound is good. Suddenly, other great scenes are better, but Mi MIX 3 sound does not mourn greatly. Not only the speaker is the tallest and fair, but the smartphones are not as expensive as the top market players. In any case, with the adapter you can connect the best pins, and more appliances will be expected.

The speaker is located on the second half of the slide, while the cut is just above the show. A dust from the packs will easily fall on the speaker and & # 39; he can move. True and clean it is completely easy. With smart customer conversation work, everything is in order.

Performance and Software

My MAX 3 is equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 process that is familiar with its & # 39; Adreno 630 video already. In the original version that came to us for the test, there were 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of resources, but there are more expensive ones that can have two GB memory of 8 GB of RAM. A different change to the Forbidden Town is used by 10 GB, with the capacity of 256 GB. Naturally, the two SIM charters support LTE, and b & # 39; The smartphone itself is one of the first to support 5G (the European versions will only be published in the first quarter of 2019). There is also Wi-Fi status and, NFC and Bluetooth 5.0. In general, the standard support for high-quality smartphones from different makers.

Naturally, it works accordingly quickly. Today it's hard to find dark work for "iron" like that. Even though I got the basic switch, there is not enough to complain. Does that device with 8 GB of RAM still delay something in the open open space, but with six you can not say that there are obvious problems.

A Android phone test came with Android 9 (October security pattern) and the MIUI inventor The system is also fast, as expected by a destination device. But some animation may be faster. Again, users are very depressing to look after this, and the average buyer does not appear to be; feeling.

Self Devolution

In a tiny thing, as it was on the back slide, a case, the engineers still got into it; the smallest battery. He had 3200 mAh capacity. This was enough for 8.5 hours in a PCMark devolution test (there is no picture, unfortunately; at the end of the test, the program came away, but for its battery batteries leaving and screen activity time it was possible to make a definitive decision). In real use, I had enough goods for 5-6 hours of screen work every day, with a slight loss. Games and many videos through the LTE connection can usually be greatly reduced.

Since our office has no memory, we can not check the tax period. Again, just realize that the smartphone supports instant spending according to the Qualcomm QuickCharge 4.0 level and can be returned at induction stations.


Among its smartphone phones, and its company; Most of the competitors, the Mi MIX 3 were marked, not just with their body, but also with the number of cameras. A person with a dual dual unit is impossible to surprise, but two cameras for selfi are still rare. The main panels are made up of two 12-megapixel cameras, and one of the 24-and-2-megapixel sensors in the front. Most of these cameras were already familiar with the reviews of the manufacturer's smartphones.

The situation of equal opportunities is also. The "AI" mode is a key "camera", where the camera needs to understand what the framework now has and how to develop the image with this information. This is largely working with saturation, variation and light. We can leave HDR and AI, their work has no impact on pictures, and this is similar to daylight and night lighting. In the last case, you can implement a Night Fashion, which will take a little longer for each frame, but there will be fewer events at the photo and more information. In any case, the automated and well-being mode, and the pictures will be found from the first attempt.

A video can be killed at a maximum of 4K, and a slow moving movie even at 960 frames. Again, something new was not surprising compared to the other smart Xiaomi phones from the highest line.

An example of a recording video in the 4K configuration:

Mall Call Example:

Beginning cameras are also good in even difficult situations. When you open, the slider starts the app and its # 39; turn on the selfie mode. Again, it is not true that an additional sensor is needed to move with depth, and at another one there are other modules. But even here the product is worse, although it is not much better.

We also got to know the camera application. There are no new basic features, the same reason and speed.

Pros: Body unusual and look nice; unframed without a cut and quality of image; sound; achieve; equipment; branch finger scanner; camera

Cons: The reliability of the design and its consistency is compelling, there are no stereo speakers

Decision: Slide – very few smartphones today. Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 was capable of unintentional form truth, bringing high features and a real framework presentation without cuts. Fortunately, this has triggered normal slippage problems, and the way there is some doubt. But for those users who are not afraid of such problems and wanting something that pops out of the crowd of smartphones all-in-one , now a good candidate for this post.

Technical assignations

My MIX 3 - Review of smartphone slide Xiaomi "style =" flowers: left; right hand: 15px;Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 6 / 128GB Black
Explain what is available
sort of Tweed phone
OS is predetermined Android 9.0 (Piece)
Memory is introduced, GB 128
Expanded slot – –
Type of SIM card Nano-sim
The number of SIM cards 2
More important Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 + GPU Adreno 630
Number of coats 8
Often, GHz 4×2.8 + 4×1.8
Repairing battery Li-Pol, 3200 mAh (not removed)
Opening hours (performance data) without data
Diagonal shrub 6.39
Purpose 2340×1080
Type of matrix AMOLED
PPI 403
Dimming Sensor +
Other 2.5D, difference 60000: 1
Headquarters, MP 12 (f / 1.8) + 12 (f / 2.4)
Video racing 4K (60 fps)
Flash + (Double LED)
Face camera, MP 24 (f / 2.2) + 2
Transfer of data quickly GPRS / EDGE / UMTS / HSPA + / LTE Cat18
Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac (Dual Band, 2×2 MIMO)
Bluetooth 5.0 (aptX, aptX HD)
GPS + (Galileo, Glonass, BeiDou, QZSS)
Irda – –
FM Radio +
Jack sound – –
Interface links USB 2.0 (Type-C)
Dimensions, mm 157.89×74.69×8.46
Weight, g 218
Dust and moisture protection – –
Nature of the group monoblock (not to marry)
Body fabric ceramics + aluminum
Type of keyboard screen input
More fast recruitment (Fast Charge 3.0, Fast Charge 4.0+), 10W gun allowance, fingerprint scanner

The dealers are grateful to the "Hello" online source for Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 for review

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