My Wedding's Wedding A & # 39; Making for Me A feeling as I've been 50 years ago


When I got involved last year, I was expecting a & # 39; A fun wedding, if there were some pressure in parts, and to a very expensive extent. I did not expect how uncomfortable it would cause me to go to # 39; feelings and desires of the wedding industry.

It started immediately when we published our partnership. My lover at Disney World praised, and I went back to work to get a queue of women at my desk. The questions started.

"Did you know he was going to ask? Did you be surprised? Did you cry?" I told him, I knew he was going to & # 39; ask, and did not, I did not & # 39; crying. At all. In fact, I was the best of the giggles. My answers have been met with a polite but sad face. After all, as the women said to me, I just had "dream of every girl."

My mother found out that people wanted to congratulate her too, as if she had done a great job in choosing for her only daughter, one with good luck, a woman 's desire. Actually, my mother is so unhealthy as I am, and he was happy but he was not particularly spilled.

When the new thing grew up; I was relaxing. Maybe I would have left me now to go ahead by & # 39; designing my wedding in peace. That is not. The whole process seemed to be based 50 years in the last. It seemed to have had a ring on a branch to tell him something special, and those people expected me to be women, I'm not really. The kind of woman interested in napkin, money and my dinner dinner.

Some of the most important items of hunting including marriage co-ordinators were to speak to me just because my son was not even there (because of a person, he is not careful, indeed ), one woman who gave me advice "to make sure that it's on suit steps," and the staff who were erased with lack of interest in sashes chairs. They seemed to have felt that my whole life was; going up to this time.

People talk about me as & # 39; Mrs. Whitney in the future, and what is done to me; wishing to spit them in the eyes with a fork.

Every time I meet new people, he will start his wedding tours again. Was it unhappy that it was not decorated promptly with praise? Will I lose weight for the big day? Someone tells me an average once a week that they can not believe that I have not helped me. "My marriage is more than a year away, and it seems that people are amazing that I can think of anything else.

That wedding design is not as fun as I expected. Instead, I feel sorry, the kind of wrong of a wedding, because I do not want a specially traditional wedding. But I do not also plan pagan recruitment in the & # 39; woodland. I have set up a beautiful wedding place, and my Dad will walk down the corridor. But I'm also digging any tradition that does not. I enjoyed. I do not throw the flowers, and I'm thinking of going to & # 39; promises to respect and obedience that I am in a position; laughter as it has been so big on affecting it.

This option seems to express genuinely significant experts, and in part my marriage is "wrong." I have to believe this from the beginning, with reactions on her; A sapphire punch ring, which is often referred to as "unusual" or the best thing from my Nan, is "very big." It was told that I can not make a picture of marrying in a hotel, "which is very comfortable to hear when I am on the place. The wedding is also wrong, because he has an idea of ​​his own wedding.

My incompatible awareness of this breeding business is helped by the fact that my absolute identity seems to be; going around now. People talk about me as "Mrs. Whitney in the future," who is mean that I want to put them out in my eyes with a pocket, especially because I'm going to take us with our names and be Elsmere-Whitney. I will also continue to; using Ms. I plan both to & # 39; Using both names, but that's a great story about revival. People will ask me how a wedding design is a? go before they ask me as I am. They look poor when I have nothing new to tell them.

Thanks to God for friends and a responsible family who will ask how she is doing; going, but do not forget that I have a personality outside "bride", or I think I'd have a murderous spree. I can not wait to get married with my best friend, and make our team official. But also, I can not wait to get married until I can stop feeling like a bride's crap, or how I would have traveled to an accident until 1955. I am going to get married; break my teeth until it is over.

And after that, I expect to be able to look forward to interviewing my breeding plans.

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