"My worst coach?" Peter Maes "


Jérémy Perbet who was a guest The Tribune this Monday. We submitted it to a "first intention" quiz which was changed to its favorite situation on the football fields. And the game played, gun joker!

We just go to the questions that have been captured today, what is the favorite Belgian word? The carol player chooses the word "Ket".

A model of strike? "Pauleta".

Perbet is not sorry to be put forward in this questionnaire, with some funny, or not! According to the man, what was the best attack in Charleroi in the last ten years? "Jérémy PerbetHe ended up by responding, with his 106 goals being made one of the worst strikers that he has done; Play at this time in our league.

As proof that it is not so bad, when he accused at this time that he deserves more time to play with the Charleroi team, answer in the negative.

Which coach did he prefer to do? "Marcelino, in Villareal".

Worst, the worst coach with which it worked? "Patrick Maes", he responds honestly. Marc Degryse ask him more explanations: "It was not worse at football level but at behavioral level. I stress the human, caring side. Yes, he went wrong. A way at the edge of the field, with the players … sometimes even lack of respect. And I can not accept it."

After rubbish Mehdi and Mogi Bayat (to be elected), we ask who the most important brothers were in post? "Mogi"He responds unrestently, he must complete the phrase" Mogi Bayat for me he is … "he says so"That's a lot of things … It's not just an agent, it's someone who's a? every day for different reasons. Especially for some property benefits. So it's true that someone who is very important in their job."

The best defender who could be involved in the Belgian competition? "Dewaest".

A new affirmation of love for the club who is still a club in his heart … What the team he is to dream about is? record its final goal? "Charleroi".

The aim he dreams about being & # 39; writing: "I do not control the & # 39; member, I'm going to return acrobatics and re-entry bar, which I have never done."Charolos fans are undoubtedly with both hands to record such.

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