Myanmar added 2,400 tickets to Vietnam fans


Two years ago, many Vietnamese spectators came to Tuwanna to encourage, assisting staff who was Nguyen Huu Thang's coach of Myanmar in the Suzuki AFF Cup 2016. Attendance of home fans in the states Vietnam is hosted in Myanmar on 20/11 to become a great encouragement for staff. This Hang Park is a great deal to get good results.

Burmese Football Club is known as 2,400 tickets for Vietnamese fans. The rest was sold to the home team over the last few days. Myanmar fans are waiting for the & # 39; this game so they need to cure racing, and make ticket fever. "To date, basic tickets were sold.

But the Myanmar Football Club has delivered tickets to Vietnam fans. In addition, some Vietnamese businesses in Myanmar will also buy ticket communications. I think many of Vietnam's supporters will be for your team. As well as the number of fans from Vietnam, Vietnam has a great deal of work in Myanmar, "said Soe Moe Kyaw, leader of the Communist Party of Myanmar.

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