Myanmar coach before sharing it with a live birth game with Vietnam


Antoine Hey had his division before the game between Myanmar and Vietnam on 20/11.

Myanmar coach before sharing it with a live birth game with Vietnam

In the AFF Cup AFF record, the Myanmar Cup is currently at the same six points to Vietnam and Malaysia, but driven by the smallest than the secondary. However, it seems that this will change after the game by the Teacher's Teacher Park on the afternoon of 20/11.

Measuring weaker than Vietnam and Malaysia, the white eagles are fine; Trying to get one of the two tickets to the final if they miss to Vietnam in the next game.

So, prior to the competition between Myanmar and Vietnam, Antoine Hey's coach attempted the recent home team.

"We had six points after our first two games, but we could be abolished, so we did not have any way to Vietnam, We needed to make the game, the last home in the body level.

On the other hand, it would be very difficult to be a guest of Malaysia. Thousands of spectators who have a Thuwuna courtyard cover, when Myanmar comes to see; Vietnam. I hope that we will affect, "said Germany.

Antoine Hey also identified the problem the team should have to improve before the life starts and the death. He said: "Myanmar's most important thing is to improve their protection.

Myanmar has left Cambodia and Laos ahead, uncertainly. So we need to draw lessons quickly, we can not reconstruct this situation to prepare for two games with strong Vietnamese and Malaysia's strong challenges.

Burmais returns to make the next round again as in the 201 AFF Cup. Myanmar has again lost to Vietnam but again it was really good to & # 39; hit Malayis to win the tickets left in the tour.


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