Myanmar fans respond unexpectedly


Wednesday, 21 November 1818 16:08 PM (GMT + 7)

Vietnamese fans 'community was woke up with its decision not to' The Van Toan's focus was on the rates, and Myanmar fans also shocked him.

Watch the saved Van Toot video but has been rejected (the clip section in NextMedia is broadcast on VTC)

Vietnam Telephone he lost his 2018 AFF Cup from Myanmar after hitting 0-0 at the opponent's court. It is fair to say that Park Hang Seo staff are the best players, and create more places, even Van To also have a " hitting the member in the 77 minutes. Get the aim because the strip is outside HAGL.

Vietnam Telstra stripping: Myanmar response suddenly - 1

Vietnam's phone was rejected by a referee and took 0-0 appeal against Myanmar

Watching slow moving videos, experts, fans (NHM) was all about; reinforcing Van Toan gun outside, so the "black king"'s decision was considered completely wrong. After her battle, a NHM community in Vietnam has woken up social networks, criticized Khamis Al Marri financially and the brutal referee Phubes Lekpha.

However, it is surprising that its majority of Myamar fans are also on the side of "Golden Stars" (Vietnam's name). Instead of encouraging them, they were "on behalf of" a movie crew, the referee promised the parent to Hang Park This is because of a controversial situation.

"Sorry Vietnam As television can not return to that setting with a clear vision to find out if your player is off. We do not want to benefit from the referee's justice. Anyway, both teams have offered the game. "

Even, many people confirmed that the 0-0 draw was a fortunate result with the home team: "The result is not equally fair. However, I must admit that the Vietnam players are not Outside, Myanmar was fortunate. "

On the other hand, Myanmar fans did not forget a renewal role too Vietnam Telephone in the finals. If it is not lost to Malaysia in the last round, Myanmar will go on to the four teams to Cup 2018 AFF.

Vietnam's phone has been fighting against Telstra: Myanmar fans have been in a position; unexpectedly opposed - 2

Fan Myanmar "on behalf of the film team, the referee promised the Vietnam phone …

Viet Nam Telstra stripping: Myanmar fans face unexpectedly - 3

… and gave 0-0 a fortunate result with Myanmar

Vietnam Telstra stripping: Myanmar response suddenly - 4

Some fans say that the results are very fair, Vietnam. He can not phone the lead of Myanmar because "it's not enough enough to win three points"

Viet Nam Telstra stripping: Myanmar fans will face unexpectedly - 6

The neutral assistant argued that Vine was a play faster, but Myanmar's attack is not at all; and was a reserved owner

Vietnam split out: Am & # 39; is Fan Myanmar working hard - 7

Myanmar does not forget to re-instate Vietnam in its name; final

Hosting the Vietnam Estadistrist: Myanmar Fan to & # 39; responding suddenly - 8

Vietnamese fans added the candidate to

Vietnam fans to push the referee at the Myanmar game away.

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