Myanmar newspaper was helped, recognizing the home of the team before Vietnam Cupa


Myanmar 0-0 Vietnam Main Events A Cup A 201 2018 Event

Despite the pressure of over three thousand spectators at the Thuwunna courtyard, Park Park Hang Park Park is still a game, even on foot compared to the home team. In a game, "The Golden Stars" has started with 11 levels (5 beat) over the opponent's number 5. If there were more Cong and other team teams in the finals and runners in the 76 minutes, we can leave three points.

Although he can not win, Vietnam team shows still the media for a country. According to the page Duwen, Myanmar attacked Vietnam quickly: "We can not crack in the first minute before your team has re-organized the game. It is considered a milestone back on back.

The game against Myanmar, the Vietnamese players has become very calm, keeping the reluctant team step by step to overcome the energy home attacks. In the second half, from Hung Hung's field, the ball was running a lot on the red shirt team and guardian Kyaw Zin three times to save the finish before the final stage of Van Duc , Cong Phuong and Quang Hai.

Myanmar paper got relief, he met the team before South Vietnam - Picture 2.

Cong Phuong was once again threatening Myanmar.

Pp Myanmar Sports Vietnam has half a great deal with its midfield fort: "In the second half and 75 minutes ahead, Vietnam has many opportunities to eat a delicious food but can not take advantage of it."

Have the same idea with the two newspapers, Fox Sport The Myanmar version of the home team was fortunate, especially in the situation hit the Van Duc van in the first half.

"Vietnam is very black today this battle and we can breathe when the whistle is over." Fox Sport come to an end

After her fourth visit, the Vietnam team captured her; The biggest win in the race is to win two tickets for the final. In the final, we only need to meet the team that has run out of Cambodia and Malaala and Myanmar must meet in the game of life and death.

Myanmar relief relief came into the team before Vietnam was chosen - Picture 3.

Numbers after Myanmar vs. Vietnam matches.

Myanmar's newspaper got relief, he recognized the team before the Vietnam election - Picture 4.

Class A after a fourth game.

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