Myanmar Online – Vietnam: Photo painting to her & # 39; final


64 minutes, Cong Phuong got a free casing in penalty.

53 minutes, Van Duc and Cong Phuong were shooting two ships after him but did not hit the back of Zin Hetet.

49 minutes, Trong Hoang went to the south, the Zin Htet President, Breaking his short bards, the Myanmar challenger before a member before German access.

The second half begins. Dung Dung and Trong Hoang were submitted for Xuan Truong and Van Quyet.

The first half ended 0-0.

At the same time, in Phnom Penh's game, Cambo's 2-0 cam is at Laos with Chan Vathanaka and Mony Udom's aims.

44 minutes, Que Ngoc Hai made mistakes with Hlaing Bo Bo and the owner of the hot pot, and click on her; dance. The Cattle referee made a yellow card for both

37 minutes, Xuan School started from the corner, Quang Hai sent out of the wizard Zin Htet

36 minutes, Quang Hai completes her & her; column on the other side.

35 minutes, The home team created a wind wave ahead of the Vietnam visit but Dang Van Lam still plays a safe play.

30 minutes, Xuan left corner of the left side, and was lying in England but hit his head; wall unfortunately.

29 minutes, Van Duc was killed at the edge of his pension, the ball hit the house defender

23 minutes, Van Duc will be pushed into the box. Currently, Myanmar rejoices with a picture by Lwin Moe Aung

22 minutes, Quang Hai on the right, Van Hau did not keep up the ball in Myanmar penalty.

20 minutes, Phuong received a member from Xuan Truong and was killed by broadband; move Myanmar's goal.

17 minutes, Van Hau entered the middle and was the Myanmar challenger. for a rabbit.

The players control their & # 39; a bigger member but the Vietnam team is doing campaigns effectively with its " step near Myanmar court.

2 minutes, Dang Van Lam Rangers Include a Myanmar Invasion Ball.

18 hours 30, The ball went into the Thuwunna court.

2nd Myanmar - Vietnam 0-0: Cong Phuong again try the house of hospitality - Picture 1.

With a point with Myanmar home and so a Hang Park staff coach-this could not be lost at the Thuwunna Battle at 20-11. Even if it wins, Vietnam will be in the # 39; final with a tabletop (soon to meet Thailand, which is most likely to increase Group B in the fourth visit) as in the # In the end, there are two competitors who compete The next thing Myanmar and Malaysia have to meet together.

Myanmar 2 - Myanmar 0-0: Cong Phuong again see the keeper's home - Picture 2.

So, it is surprising that the military management of two security cleansing in the & # 39; first two games in the 2018 AFF Cup, Bui Tien Dung and Trong Hoang; Instead, he still used Phan Van Duc (he played well in Malaysia) and sent Van Quyet, the team leader.

Myanmar 2 - Myanmar 0-0: Cong Phuong try again the host home - Picture 3.

Vietnam has a good defensive defense, and # 39; assaulting diversity

By using techniques and strategies, it was likely that a & # 39; park wants to play with Myanmar. The home team does not have a lot of players and so the South of the Choir coaches play a centralized line without high players, even low as Quang Hai, Van Duc and Van Quyet.

Myanmar is a dangerous enemy, but the chance to win coaches Park Hang-this is very positive. Vietnam has a lot of choices on this game and they'll focus on security in defense. In the face of an attack, Vietnam should be coherent, and Avoiding to fall into commercially with Malaysia.

Half of Myanmar - Vietnam 0-0: Cong Phuong to try a home visitor keeper - Picture 4.

Myanmar is very enjoyable about the home profit

Myanmar's home ranges benefit, and if they allow them to play freely as Malaya, it would be very dangerous. This opponent may not be complete and even if the spindle is sufficient enough to stimulate any protection, such as Aung Thu. If you are not careful, we can fall into the detention of the enemy.

Dao Tung – Anh Dung; Photograph: Anh Dung – Duc Anh

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