Myanmar's "divine god", who is it? Vietnam Football


Le Huynh Duc and Dang Phuong Nam are two players with the biggest goals in the national team of Myanmar's network, with these three goals.

Le Huynh Duc (right) is the main Vietnam team rivalry between 1995 and 2004. Picture: Internet
Le Huynh Duc (right) is the main Vietnam team rivalry between 1995 and 2004. Picture: Internet

Le Huynh Duc, who was a hobbyist for Ho Chi Minh's national police, was the first Vietnam player to introduce the Myanmar team after returning to Vietnam's national football team to SEA Games in 1991. Without the equality goal. In the final matches of the SEA 18 games, man units were held in Chiang Mai (Thailand) in 1995, between the Myanmar team and the Vietnamese team to help Vietnam's team; win the ticket to the border.

Le Huynh Duc's ambition was for the Myanmar team in the Tiger Cup 1996 (AFF Cup). In a 4-1 competition against the Myanmar team, he was the visitor for Karl-Heinz Weigang in 1972 onwards.

The third place opposed the Myanmar team of Le Huynh Duc to take place during Vietnam between Vietnam and Myanmar in the 2002 Tiger Cup tournament (Vietnam team 4 – 2).

The goal was to be achieved in the Myanmar team because Le Huynh Duc is the old rival against Dang Phuong Nam. An old player from South South Vietnam was the first goal against Myanmar on 3 August 1999, game between Vietnam and Myanmar in the SEA Games. Dang Phuong Nam has won the Vietnam team with the score 2 – 0 (Truong Viet Hoang is the player that opens the score).

Dang Phuong Nam is also very fortunate to the web from Myanmar team. Picture: Internet

He took three years, a new stage of Dang Phuong Nam continuing for Myanmar team. In the Tiger Cup 2002 tour that was held in Indonesia (Group A), the Vietnam team opposed this enemy with a score of 4 – 2. Dang Phuong Nam is one of the best players in the game , with Double the home team. In particular, the gap between the two goals is only 18 minutes (1 hits in 48 minutes, 1 hits in 66 minutes).

At present, in the Vietnamese team's form of attending the AFF 2011 Cup, there are two players with two levels. The Myanmar team is a rival against Nguyen Anh Duc and Nguyen Trong Hoang midfielder. If one of the faces has punished the national team of Myanmar in the next two games or more, that player is a "right" at Myanmar football at national team level.

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