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On SYRIZA's possible MEP expense, a case for ongoing debt to the State remains to be made, although it is not clear whether it is linked to its mother's pension.

22/03/2019 – 09:35

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22/03/2019 – 09:25


Ms. Myrsini Loizou, a candidate for MEPs, illegally surrenders her mother's pension, which died in 2007, according to a newspaper published by Pileleftheros.

The sources that a newspaper report says that there is already a conviction for the Loizou marriage to have a pension collection.

The report also shows that Mrs Loizou is awaiting a law for ongoing debt to the State, although it is not clear whether she is related to her mother's pension.

The trial was originally organized for 25 January in the Attorney General's Court in Three Members, but was canceled for 14 May, some two weeks before the European elections.

If the report is reinforced, it will raise issues of urgency for the prospective MEP but also a political issue for the majority of Maximos.

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