Myth TSM believes that there are big questions about how competitive Fortnite has been organized


The Fortnite Competitive Site is undoubtedly one of the most complex titles inside the harbor, but with $ 100m of online prizes, these are the best ones.

Developers Epic Games have the same challenge to every royale style game in another battle, how to find the best in the world when up to 100 players fall into the battle ?

When Fortnite started to blow, there were queries; Find out how exactly the competition structure would work, and months after Epic Games announced that they would worth £ 100m for money, there is still no way.

As one of the biggest games that enjoy it & # 39; planet, another problem Epic says that enough people try to get involved, and no structure, some of the names are bigger in the & # 39; business start to & # 39; An application is not very inclusive.

SoloMid Team is a myth of one of the most recognized works in the Fortnite competitive community as a result of its large stream.

During a discussion on November 17 on Twitter, he said that the current situation for the Fortnite competition was far from being inclusive, using an example of a player who had to stand in the water for five hours to try to play.

The conversation began initially after NateHill FaZe Clan said he did not want to hear people who complained about Epic that his / her; allowing players to play a small game if they did not stand at the water at 4:30 AM PAX.

What can Epic Games do to ensure that the future of a Fortnite competition can not stand out for hours on hours to show that you are in a position. get what you need

Do you agree with Myth that the current system is less than inclusive? Please tell us in the comments below.

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