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On the one hand alone, Mzwanele Manyi was like a star. The government's central median and government doctor had given everything to himself for three hours Monday when he put the look forward with a written response to a set of questions that were expected to a legal team had a State Chess inquiry. But then, the main advocate, Vincent Maleka, had the responsibility of the Commission in its requests and did not have to do so; look so good for others.

Throwing into subjects that were transferred to Government Communications and Information Systems (GCIS) in 2011, and # 39; control of the media shopping unit and the most common and bright physical acceptance of & He said he stopped him New Age, Manyi – without breaking – taking his affairs before the chairman; Commission, former Justice Raymond Zondo.

One-sided delivery seemed to be almost assured that it was behind earlier certification with the former one, Themba Maseko, and several other about the Gupta goals for GCIS a & # 39; go back.

Maseko had confirmed that Guptas's request wanted to re-direct government advertising spending to its media designer that was planned back in 2010.

They set up New Age the next year, and the television channel that is needed now, ANN7South Westerly

Much went on to buy Gupta's media empire through a valuable financial contract in 2017 in what was widely considered as a rescue application after the country's banks had completed Gupta company accounts. New Age newspaper, rewritten as Afro Voice, became a bit earlier in 2018 when many were submitted for demolition.

When the Commission's principal advocate, Vincent Maleka, questioned a lot about the Guptas and his post at GCIS when his / her / her; media company to set millions of borders in government advertising costs, the government did not have much comparisons between apple and guava.

Many had painted a picture of a "false statement" where everyone said that the Guptas had made a huge contribution to government advertising.

The truth, he said, was just a "sliver" on rods that he presented for the 2011/2012 financial year and 2012/2013.

Out of total advertising expenditure of R194 million in the first year, Manyi gave evidence, the Guptas received just over R8 million.

Check that against the SABC R68 rod, the Naspers blast around about R17 million and Tiso Blackstar with R11 million and eTV with R8 million.

He said that the Guptas did not appear on the scene and "gobble" up large pieces of government advertising. The spending was proportional, he said.

Many said that although Media24 had many publications in its stable, most of it, at 90% of the R17 million, was spent on NewsSouth Westerly

Chrom Maleka went to the first hole to say that her comparison was not well established.

They did not include a single newspaper company; in TNA. And they have been very successful compared to another, as News, "African special newspaper" received paltry R199,322 for the same time.

It's not a newspaper that was young, it's been around decades, Maleka said that Gupta's media company had received 20 more. NewsSouth Westerly

Maleka showed more examples like Daily Sun, also in Media24 stable and, although the largest figures are circulated, just R8,778 for the same time.

Now Manyi wants, "what's it?"

Maleka said: "Mr Manyi gave figures to persuade the Commission that TNA was not as small as the government. When we try to investigate these figures … it will be told We know it's a technical exercise. What is it why we can not investigate a more analytical basis? "

Many said that the spread of newspapers could be set with the needs of the GCIS.

"It's not a social development unit in the APS that is needed to spread things fairly, "said Manyi.

He said that the media sales unit used a recognized electronic system that considered various things when deciding where it would cost government money.

He told the Commission that the APS was not just a & # 39; the Telmar electronic system; its change was also in place to support media and diversity development.

Maleka suggested that the Commission will ask a question about the use of the Telmar System and it is intended to show that New Age it was not even a subject for him.

Maleka decided other examples of the distribution to individual newspapers while the Guptas had a & # 39; millions of millions in that first year: Times: R183,379, The Herald: R255,000, The Citizen: just over R240,000 and Star at R97,000.

Zondo's special justice: "The big difference. Do you admit that the difference is great?"

There is a great deal, but he says that this was right because the government had expressed it with incorrect and very important statements across the normal media.

"On any comparative basis, these are daily newspapers that had been in business for a good time and got all less than R200,000 annually. But despite that, Tah, in the first year in business, got over R8.5 million of that, "says Maleka.

Gupta newspaper, said by Manyi, said a new air that was "welcomed and accepted" was a breath for willingness to express the message of the government correctly.

The good story and focus of GCIS was a New Age, he said, because "people accept new things".

"The APIs can not be blamed for a & # 39; provides advice from government departments. As the GCIS has its own budget … it will spend other advertising budgets.

"We are the transport belts and we will fulfill responsibilities from different government departments. "

Many said he did not see anything wrong about the Guptas. Getting help with entering the media business.

& # 39;Gupta has no evidence of crime &

Many think that buying does not & # 39; Most of the certificates brought to the Commission so far.

Maleka asked:

"As you sit today, do you accept that the members of the Gupta family and their businesses are highly involved in poor problems and the capture of the state? "

Manyi said: "I do not know.

"I was very hopeful when the Estina was [dairy] the front of the courts was cracked but then began to come forward for the State. I do not even know where this is going to end.

"I am struggling with convicted people based on poetry. "

He said that people could be named but until they are introduced, evidence must be confirmed.

"And I'm trying to get such evidence. "

Maleka asks if he has any reason to & # 39; Certainly what Maseko tells him about; The Commission.

Manyi said: "Yes, there is a reason for doubt."

Maseko, said he, said that the former president Jacob Zuma did not say he was in charge of a process. Zuma had said that Maseko was trying to help the Guptas with their media goals.

"The character of the application was taken out as if Zuma was trying to get something wrong that was done. That's why I'm upset. "

See if there is any reason to do & # 39; Doubtless of what the old finance minister Mcebisi Jonas told the Commission, Manyi said: "Yes, I have a reason for doubt."

He said this was because Jonas was unclear about what Gupta's brother was he & she; mentions and he can not understand why a deputy minister would have been able to; go away with this "young chap" (Duduzane Zuma) to drive to an unidentified location (the Guptas & Saxonwold).

I can not apply for people with this type of gaps, Manyi said.

He did not listen to the former minister of the Nhlanhla Nene finance minister about how to burn Zuma.

With regard to the former financial minister, Pravin Gordhan?

"I had been deferred all day to listen to it. I thought it would have an exhaustive information. I was struggling, a & # 39; sitting there, listening and listening. I missed out. "

Then he asked him to hear the director of the National Finance Division of Scotland, Lungisa Fuzile, and he said he had been told about a new minister; came to the Treasury to replace Nene and come with "Indian counselors," said Manyi that he was also suspicious. DM

The Commission will begin with another certificate with Manyi at 09:00 a.m. Tuesday.


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