Na XIV Two-year conference with diversity theory


Opinion play and from Interactive Attendance in 3 sections, with the American artist Marcius Galán, a white cube that looks split, which overlaps its & # 39; top and broad with three leaves of green glass. The observer will find amazing that the planes are expressing, but they still have a "#; disturbed and frightened to prevent unwanted glasses.

An work of the art, who plays the work with fragile boundaries that are not live, non-active, unfair, part of & # 39; Empires of the plural, special exhibition of the Constitution Foundation for the Cisneros Fontanals Arts (CIFO) for XIV edition of Two years of Cuenca, opened last night in the capital of Azuay. Empires of the plural & # 39; including Museum office headquarters; Bhaile (Middle School), even with facilities displayed in the bone room of that resource.

An diversity, an artistic idea is a positive knowledge that is possible to include, Promoting diversity and consistency, is hardly built in the title of a special exhibition where multiplication increases imperialism – at least in the word form with the advanced form in which the concept to & # 39; The official example appears in the general title.

Living structures, art as complex knowledge & # 39; The title contained in the current edition, which will be open until 3 February, 2019 in 25 locations of a city Basin, with partnership 46 recommendations -53 artists from 17 countries – in the official example. An event There are also special shows, four parallel and satellite campaigns of independent managers who have set up their own exhibitions.

The idea of ​​communication and the generation of interpersonal bands play a vital role in this edition, according to the keeper of the show, Jesús Fuenmayor Venezuelanach. An Curator Commenting of the Year, above, as a description of the item & # 39; Living Structures (1969), with the Swiss artist Lygia Clark (1920-1988), which forms part of the official showcase of the event.

In the 70s, Artist of Brazil he destroys sculpture and painting, in what has been mentioned as a & # 39; abandoned Lygia Clark's art, and started to making their & # 39; suggestions, a series of objects and settings made with simple materials. In live Structures, which is exhibited at Casa de la Biennial de Cuenca, he used Internet links to clean up structures – a net of rubber band on the carving – which can be changed from the audience game.

People discover another way that can be linked through art, because it is play There is always a desire to create different relationships, says the keeper of the Two years, which explains that he wanted to move away from a & # 39; think that art was a way of building-based on the European model of the museum – and to consider art as a friendship and answering experience – responding to the Latin American cultural context -.

The test is essential diversity, says Fuenmayor. "In Latin America, we have been learning live art in our own flesh, in a different response to European Tradition, because it does not allow us to place anywhere. continue to change the beauty of beauty. "And in the first week of autumn, the achievement of attainment in appropriate public places, including public relations with artistic activities .

Equatorial Ecuatorial King, who featured five exhibitions with different pieces, and # 39; dragging three concerts at the House of the Culture Theater – he danced to the sound of his heart, established a conversation with his screen and finished up on a cornice on the front of the building called a sound. video shifting his eyes.

Fuenmayor says that with the title of the special show, which was also curatorship, wants to draw attention to the fact that "the cost of any cost is against its own society." It is not its own diversity; in its own diversity that art is Experience, "he says.

Quality is fundamental, the important thing is that this is a job contemporary art creating people with a genuine knowledge, the public is experiencing; get a feeling, even if that pleasure is not happy. "

Cristóbal Zapata, active director of the Municipal Foundation Biennial Cuenca, a definition that a & # 39; Most of the jobs in the official sample arise from the talk of artists with their home and the conversation with the people: neighbors, cabinets, craftsmen, staff, educators and researchers, who collaborated in the performance of the production or installation terms. "Not only is the home of the goat and the support of artistic projects, but the big subject and content or, at least, a secretary of war and war," he said .

Spanish Patricia Dauder, who works on a subject vulnerability and the fragile from his own experience, he made 30 pieces of black pottery with a local craftsman, who is exhibited at the Museum of the Art.

As long as it was The Museum of Communications The artist's exhibit made the clay pieces she gave from her Spanish workshop, and the time sticks, to leave her buried for several weeks in the home garden, museum itself.

The diversity includes the island's eye. And that is also the case of the Leyla Cárdenas of Colombia, which works from the truth of his home, Culture of Humanity. As owners of traditional houses can not demolish their property by law and, in many cases, do not get state resources to revitalize them, "people have found ways to find housing in a bad state to go faster ", Explain from the lawsuit. One way of water is to be inserted into the walls, regularly, so that they can fall out of their own.

Cárdenas gave a picture of a facade a bare wall, falling down, with splints that are in a position; support him. The image was printed on large-sized four-dimensional silk shape and then removing the silk threads only, a few months' work, and so when only flat threads are left, The image is to become acidic. And it appears that the house – ghost silk – which is a preserving the prop. The piece is displayed in the item Municipal Museum of Modern Art Museum, who builds work of 20 artists.

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