Nadal will always be running for ms: "Indeed, I'd rather be the number by number"


After attacking the right ankle he has lost the final part of the final season, Rafael Nadal Want to return to the world's leading ATP site to win when the title is possible. So, a Spanish tennis player, who missed in Abu Dhabi's showcase by Kevin Anderson, started in 2019 the next Thursday at the Open 250 in Brisbane against a winner of a # 39 ; match between Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and Thanasi Kokkinakis.

"What I want to keep me doing things that makes me feel happy and tennis playing I'm delighted and I want to do it in the best and long and most possible way, I want to have a weekly competitiveness that's on track. The goal is not to be in number one, but if I have a choice at the end of the year, that's great. Indeed, I prefer to be in number only by number two"," Rafa "in the news conference before the event.

Regarding his wounding popularity, the town from Manacor said: "After a while without a competition, and more that I have jobs, feelings and go. What is clear is that I need to make a step by step. I do not want to take steps but I'm going on. At this time, my version is to play Thursday. After I suffered last year with injuries, I do not want to make mistakes as I play if I do not feel 100 percent. And in Abu Dhabi I did not feel 100 per cent. In Brisbane I did her; First use on the 31st and I hope to be ready for the first time. If you're going to train it with problems, it's something that kills you in mind. "

Similarly, Nadal, 32, briefly described his preparation for 2019, which awaits a number of challenges: "I think I made a preseason good, short but good. I do not think my body gets worse for the years but sometimes there are accidents such as those last year. I'm sorry for many of the competitions, but I've got a few moments in my life and I can not just talk about the injuries. "

A few days ago, the number of the world's world-wide (first of all, Serbian Novak Djokovic) has also defended the new Davis Cup shape that the ball- coach Gerard Piqu with her Kosmos company: "You have to say a stop saying that it is Davis Piqu. That does not help the competition. I have spoken to it independently and I have added it to it. It's an event in Davis. The International Federation is an event and it is good that people from outside a tennis want to invest and invest money. bet on our sport. So we should thank Piqu to play tennis and not to. causing barriers. "

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