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PETALING JAYA: Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has fined his armor at Low Taek Jho, who is Jho Low better, to be involved in 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) .

The former prime minister said that Low was seen as a helping person that would help Malaysia to create business and diplomatic relations with countries in the Middle East.

Asks if Mallaig has been deceived by Low, Najib said: "That's a decision if we take into account what we know today."

He spoke in an interview with Sinar Harian yesterday.

Najib had been denied Low who was involved or dealt with 1MDB items.

In an interview with Reuters earlier this year, Najib said he had never been a guide, but voluntarily made some things to help 1MDB, and at his head far b & # 39; 1MDB administration and board that made decisions.

In the interview with Sinar Harian, which was broadcast live on social media, Najib opposed the Goldman Sachs Group Inc. reservoir, lawyers and researchers for failing to protect the country in terms of 1MDB.

He said this when he asked if he ever saw, from an early stage, his & # 39; It would be possible for Low to make the country billions of ringgit lost.

"Action must be made if it is clear that it has committed an offense. At that time we had appointed lawyers, critics and Goldman Sachs, a global global investment bank.

"The responsibility of this bank and everything to protect the Malayan interests. If they did not protect the interests of Malaysia, how would I know?" Najib said a finance minister and chairman at 1MDB at the time.

He said that Goldman Sachs, lawyers and researchers involved in 1MDB should tell the government that there was "something wrong".

He said about his connections to Low, Najib saying that the businessman had been controversial, but formerly a councilor with the Terengganu Investigation Authority, the superintendent of 1MDB.

Najib said he did not know Low personal practices.

"I did not know later that he had a big gate and plane, he had parties – I was not involved, I did not know what he did as we know now. My relationship was with him professional himself, "he said.

But DAP's councilor, Lim Kit Siang, said he attacked Najib for admitting that he was deceived by Low.

"It must be a much more abundant history world, banned and totally insecure, totally able to promote sympathy and understanding, not to be poor, "Lim added his blog.

Thomas Wright, Wall Street Journal journalist and author of the book Billion Dollar Whale, writing as reported by the 1MDB fraud report from 2015.

Wright wrote that the Najib office, in response, said it was a shame for journalism.

"Today, Najib has promised Goldman, researchers," said Wright.

Later on, Najib posted on his Facebook to say that there was a news destination saying "Malairt" did not have Malaala saying Low did not tell the story.

The old prime minister wrote that those who had been following the 1MDB had known that it was found to be unfamiliar with its & # 39; Main Guidelines at Petroleum Co International (IPIC) Abu Dhabi and Goldman Sachs to move money for himself.

"Yesterday, it has been reported that IPIC has invaded Goldman Sachs for damaging as a result of licensing allegations to control IPIC," he wrote.

"If all these allegations are true, Jho Low might have made a decision with Goldman Sachs and the main IPIC management to lose IPIC."

Najib urged the people to see the full interview to answer their whole context rather than just focusing on one part.

"We know it's very easy to get a wrong understanding when we just read the one," he wrote.

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