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The No-American common band likes fans with a new video movie about the Slovak-Czech publication … and they left live, created during 100 years from Chzechoslovakia. Even before it was finished, the group sent an impressive email bill; Confirm, as well as Slovakia and the Czech Republic, there are also fans in the Pyrenees peninsula.

In particular, it is a song tell me, which was released on other registers With Love (2015). After three years of publication you have a music service iTunes He was attacked by the way to the Spanish audience – even she put herself in the registers iTunes Top 200 Pop Spanish Record Tracks.

"We got it official post from the company Believe Digital, which is one of the largest music distributors for artists and independent publishers in Europe. Since 2015, we have been working with her and, among other things, we look at how our music works in the digital world. It was a great surprise and joy when we told the song last week tell me now the 116th class in the iTunes Pop Record in Spain, "he says Igor Timko.

The singer on margo has been able to destroy this success that is possible Gun Name for the upcoming ones an acoustic journey in Spain, but in fact it would not be easy to support more market media. Recently, however, its company also has a & # 39; thank the same series now Let us … and let them live, exhibited in Brussels. Iubile 100th anniversary of Czechoslovakia they came to an end in the beginning of November with a gala concert at the Flagey concert hall, where the Slovaka fiddlers Dalibor Karvay, other classical musicians from both countries. The event's decision, however, has been playing music and imaginatively that the Czech Chinaski was a No Name concert by Czech Republic; in the continuation of Czech-Slovakia.

news Let us … and let them live, in which the text Igor Timko left from Slovakia to Czech and back, the band also gave live on other events to 100 years from Chzechoslovakia. "The singer made a good answer and the organizers called us at the concert at the Old Town Square in Prague on the anniversary of the Czechoslovak Republic, which we needed to add to that and we played the song Let us … and let them live. It was fantastic, in the last times he had taken with the Rehistoric Clock. Martin Hrdinka, program manager, said: "Ladies and nobles, this will not happen again." He was very emotional, "remembers the singer and author of the bilingual text.

In addition, they also played at a 100-year Czech check-up event where the organizer asked a special song Let us … and let them live. She has made a star in another "federal" star company such as Jaromír Nohavica, Lucie Bílá no Miro Žbirka.

These two songs the band also played on it Dermacol No Name Acoustic Name 2019, which she expected from February to April the following year. Igor Timko (singer), Dušan Timko (guitar), Ivan Timko (drums), Roman Timko (guitar), Vilo Gutray (bass) and Zoli Sallai (messages) to look forward to Slovakian and Czech. There are 23 concerts, and five in Slobhacia – in Trenčín, Poprad, Košice, Žilina and Bratislava.

As Igor Timko in Brussels said in an interview with TASR, they do not matter what they play in front of or behind the Moray River. "We feel that the boundaries have been swept away, we are there and there, we do not feel the boundaries. This kindness is natural, we were born at the time when Prague was the main town, but with one breath I am pleased by itself, that Schoaka is a separate, likewise the Czech Republic, "said the situation that was similar to the situation when the spouses were before closer to each other but when they were married.

That's what he says and a song Let us … and let them live. There is no name on the social media that has been reported two days ago with co-operation with director Juraj Lehotský and Tim Krizko photographer.

Igor Timko, shot video Ži ... and let them liveIgor Timko shot a video Ži … and let them live

Dermacol No Name Acoustic Name 2019


21. 2. – Trenčín, Piano Club
22. 2. – Poprad, House and Culture
8. 3. – Košice, Social Pavilion
14. 3. – Žilina, Holiday Inn
29. 3. – Bratislava, Istropolis

tickets: "width =" 100 "height =" 18

Czech Republic:

5. 2. – Zlin, Transport Center
6. 2. – – Jihlava, DKO
12. 2. – České Budějovice, DK Metropol
13. 2. – Pardubice, Dukla House and Culture
14. 2. – Náchod Theater, Municipal Dr. Josef Čížek
18. 2. – Opava, Silesian Theater
20. 2. – Znojmo, Dukla and social center conference
February 26 – Cheb, KC Svoboda
27. 2. – Carlsbad, Grandhotel Ambassador's National House
28. 2. – Chomutov, Municipal Theater
2. 3. – Pilsen, Měšťanská beseda
15. 3. – Český Těšín, Těšínské divadlo
20. 3. – Beach, Šrámek Photographer Theater
21. 3. – Liberec, House of Culture
26. 3. – Olomouc, NH Collection Olomouc Convention
27. 3. – Ostrava, Dolní Vítkovice – multi-useful Gong classroom
4. 4. – Brno Theater, Mahen
11. 4. – Prague, Fóram Karlín

Information and pictures from a Brussels concert, prepared by, were provided by PR manager Nora Krchňáková. We have changed and added the press release. Find out more at the official website of their bands

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