Name "Embedded Shipping Gardens" the starting point of fire on ice break :: Society :: RBC


Speaker named for Admiralty's Weddings Gardens, in an interview with RBC, taking a starting point of fire at Viktor Chernomyrdin's cleaner. Accordingly, the fire went out in the ice service room as a result of a safety engineering break while long-term employees grouping agency to carry out work.

"At this time the fire has been abolished. The intersection center was no more than 100 square meters. Ms. One contractor worker was injured by hand fired to hospital. set up at the campaign to clarify the situation of the event, "told RBC news secretary.

Earlier, the Russian press ministry service in St Petersburg on RBC said about two people who had a fire on firebreaking, and one of them refused to hospital. The fire went on the vessel on the afternoon of November 27, when the fire and cables, equipment and plating of the technical buildings were burned on the third and a fourth desk of ice-breaking. 110 people and 24 unit units took part after the fire.

The construction of a cleaning machine Viktor Chernomyrdin has been running since October 2012. The dates were occasionally suspended, the Ministry of Transportation stated that the reason for the delay made from the requirements made in the design of the ice climber. According to former President of the Ministry of Transport, Viktor Olersky, the vessel should be commissioned by the end of 2018; In 2019, ice exams will come.

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