Named after four amazing life trips, the money rose sharply in late November 1818



12 children, 12 squirrels, horoscope, 11/2018

By the end of November, age is converted, wealthy money, the chance to increase much income. Increase money, people get a lot of good news about money, possibly from the poor to the wealth. Just be enthusiastic and struggling hard, make sure that the age is from a & # 39; doing anything good.

The age of the disabled should not be expressed as always ready to appear. The relationships associated with the money affairs of young people are also favorable, fair. The chance to spend big money on this weapon means that the revenue increases 3 times, 4 times.


12 children, 12 squirrels, horoscope, 11/2018

In this month, the people of Ngoc are fortunate in their jobs and fortune. Many thanks to collecting gas, whether you are an industry or a wage, also has additional income. The gods try to do business, sell resources, find out the abundant resources, and expand business scale.

According to the church, the end of November is the time in which the people who are doing business industry; success, the account is rising rapidly. Not only does it have the opportunity to earn huge profits but also the ability to raise a small prize.

Linn Rooster

12 children, 12 squirrels, horoscope, 11/2018

The end of November is the time in which the financial sustainability of older people is stable and they are rising. In particular, this month-long increase goes longer and more fortunate.

The salary paid a fortune for his salary, and telephone. Your efforts over the years will be recognized by your promoters. At the same time, business people can be a "stormy" fortune, with hundreds of billions of comfortable homes buying a house, a car.

Age Group

12 children, 12 squirrels, horoscope, 11/2018

The end of November is quite clear. The business that business is doing business, is interested in its & # 39; mother, money without leaving. And those who work for salaries, this time also give good luck as supporters, titles are open.

They are also the knights, who easily succeed at work and be fortunate to participate in the lottery.

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