Named as the most expensive "euroblaches"


Named as the most expensive Euroblach customs

Car Bentley Flying Spur at the show in 2014

Porsche Turbo S 2013 was distributed to the most expensive customs abolished in Ukraine. The amount of taxes and payments paid was higher than 760 thousand hryvnia.

In Ukraine, while the laws had favorable rates for car-car trademarks, two Porshe cars, two Mercedes-Benz G and V class cars, and one Bentley customs. UNN recites, announcing data from the State State Financial Service, February 20.

In particular, Porsche Turbo 2013 is the most expensive car in Ukraine with a value of customs equivalent to $ 83.1 miles. Total 766,1000 hryvnia is the amount of fees and payments paid during customs times.

The second situation for Bentley Flying Spur 2014 is worth 74.5 thousand dollars, cleared for 727.9 thousand hryvnia.

Other Cayenne S 2018 porsche was worth 76,000 dollars evicted for 705,000 hryvnia.

The Mercedes-BenzGclasse2015 car was worth $ 63.6,000 for 593.4 thousand hryvnias, and the Mercedes-Benz V 2018 class costing 62,000 dollars being cleared for 553,000 hryvnas.

That time remembers for a while of automobile licensing for Euroregistration, Ukraine's state budget received 7.67 billion hryvnia.

According to the Ministry of Finance, in Ukraine there are approximately 640,000 "Eurobats". At this time, less than 200 miles of these cars are solved.

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