Named "Islam" that the guns were the first dead. What happened within a & # 39; bus … Masrawy


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Monday 11 February 2019

Books – Mohammad Shaaban:

A regular tour with Islam Khorsa, a bus that carries a company on the desert road, sitting by the windows, preventing her beautiful morning morning, and he was young and sat beside him and got a date with similar events to what we are doing; seen in tragedy movie films,

On Friday morning, the Osaim residents north of Giza awoke the sound of guns and a body lying on the ground covered with a blanket and found blood on a 10 meter passenger bus lane away from the central education office near a bank. Enjoyment, and another man was seriously killed.

Ten days after the event, security forces in the Interior Ministry, represented by the General Security Department, are led by Major General General Alaa Selim, and, Continue to co-ordinate the Giza Security Directorate Criminal Investigation Department to arrest and prosecute the prosecution.

A new version of what happened in the previous morning that came to information about a near driver's drive; Bus, who refused to publish the name – arranging for life from being open to its identity if it was identified.

According to eye witnesses, "Islam Amin al-Kharsa", 25 years, has a bus that has a company, which is located on the desert road. There was a young man damaged; Mamdouh Rabah's name was in the Rabeh family and stopped one of the bus people saying he was a member of staff. He did not keep all the staff, "saying that the bus stopped on the front of the administrative administration of the Center's public street, faster than that person to keep his hidden features Balchal empty, The two regiments disappeared.

The eyelight included the talk to Masrawi: "Everyone was scared but Islam tried to take away the weapons of one of the people. Jet Jahshah said," wants he had shot a shot, and then the water of the man who was in the ceremony afterwards, and fled where he was waiting for the person The third man through a motorcycle was confirmed with the old security source that knew the searches, saying: "Those who did the event 3 were covered … two took the bus."

"The bus and Mervitch took a step." Driver asked these words after them to go to # 39; escape the people who were abducted, and # 39; stressed that the people moved to "Islam" to hospital to Osim that he was still alive but the last breath died when it came from a gun that was burned down the abdomen Insert and leave, and "Mamdouh" was killed by 6 shots in the head, neck and his. coffin, according to medical supplies in the hospital.

According to other sunscreens, the 10-minute disaster is away from the police office of Oaseem, as well as the presence of polls for one of the banks and those that are installed at an education administrative headquarters as well as The cameras of a famous supermarket near the event.

Machahith research was likely to be a misunderstanding between families "Rabeh" and "Zaidi" behind the incident, and # 39; confirming that the second victim was killed by mistake, and the bodies were moved to Osim Central hospital, and to the Znihm morgue, which caused burial.

The witness remembers what happened at the end of 2015 at the same place, when a man was arrested and arrested by his son with revenge between two families: " It's the smallest time. " Everyone has a remember what happened over a year ago. In the Zaidi bridge range, when people opened without a fire on a stall that killed 3 people, including two with a mistake.

And the relationship between the families "Rabeh" and Zaidi, "affirms eyepoints has differences first time with the second and one of the tribes," Arabic ", especially with the others who choose revenge from the best Rabah family figures: He decides saying that two of the people who hide & # 39; hiding in the Shanbari town known as the drug and weapons trade.

Follow "Masrawy" with 3 sources that knew the surveys have shown that the ongoing initiatives are targeting people who are suspected; participating in the event, and that the case is not limited to the three defenders who have committed the crime: "The people put forward weapons of inspection and equipment and prevented the accused" not to & # 39 ; publish the total number of the accused For change.

Islam is the victim

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