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Названы признаки скрытой депрессии

Depression can be unhappy.

It is considered that a person who is suffering from depression is heavy and is a feeling sad and relaxed. In some cases, dementia can be unhappy and even though the person is not aware that he needs help. What are the signs of a seriously unfortunate?

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If you consider themselves capable of glating or, on the other hand, to bend over anything, and that such issues are repeatedly repeated, do not need you think that to blame your complex nature. This is one of the signs that are hidden in hidden.


Shoes of brutal courage, or on the other hand, make discomfort on food and also say that you are not right. Look at them, maybe, so you hide your negative feelings.


A person suffering from ill-health may suffer and this is not just the risk of going on. There are things when someone does not have a problem to sleep and sleep; falling asleep immediately, as if trying to escape from problems. But the dream is still on top, people still do not sleep enough, even though they are still; sleep for 15 hours.

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