Named the Nguyet Cat Phuong message behind PR story with Kieu Minh Tuan


Originally published by An Nguyen:

Hi everyone

In the first place I'd like to & # 39; apologize to all the observers who still do not want to know too much about the story itself and the people involved in the past. I hope that the following of his will will give light to everyone's heart and to close these bad stories. This is the only thing I can do to make a movie, "Do not Do not Get Mother Mother" has not been dragged into the PR dirty story so long that the victim had to suffer.

1. To be clear, again, I admit that I have both my own and Tuan feelings to work together, except that I do not expect this story to be published as it is and should not. The next thing must also come to an end. But things have gone out of control. When there were ongoing articles about her birthday and 2/9 holidays, and her public inquiry, Phuong asked her to interview the incident, with the reason Fake is angry and wants to know the truth.

2. Phuong wants to prove what happened at that time just to PR movie I do not have and Tuan's real feelings. But to me, when I can not tell the truth, I'll be silent, but when I need to tell me I'll tell the truth. So, he and Mr Tuan interviewed himself, as everyone knows. Although I know that the truth will happen on the audience's response, but I'm wrong and wrong; Most of all, I do not want to deceive the audience. I'm very much complain to the entire crew of the movie because the person has influenced his & her; the collection.

3. After the interview, I know Phuong expected to go to the media that she and Tuan complained about, that is why her sister Phuong is constantly updating a sad pain situation. Why not, I do not want to think. Phuong only wants to do something that does not matter; stop at the opening clear. And the answer to the truth was against their wishes.

4. The reason why I was silent so far because of myself is wrong that I do not want to protect anything. That word is what I say, how I do, and so I do not want to behave someone else. Although Mr Tuan and Mrs. Phuong are still not registered for a marriage (although Phuong went out with the papers opposite), but once and They are in relationship, I still do not keep it. The second is the brother of Phuong's uncle uncle, the previous ones in the & # 39; professionally, there is undoubtedly something to do. But the more I am, the biggest thing I am doing; I'm going to talk, I can not get involved again.

This is Phuong's Ms's message when the screen is made, these messages may never be silent, I never know what the move is in the plan of others. I do not ask sympathy or forgiveness from the audience because the listeners are always the best judge, just want clear things. I'm wrong and I'm sorry about the audience.

Thank you everyone for reading and again, sorry for the past problems.

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