Nancy explained the way he looked at the Previous Black Pink


Friday, March 29, 2019, 21:44 (GMT + 7)

Friday, March 29, 2019, 21:44 (GMT + 7)

Often it is not understood that other members do not feel that their faces are smiling, she does not have a love of Black Pink.

Nancy would have had "stone slabs" available for no more than a sentence on the stage. In July 2018, Momoland and Black Pink entered the Inkigayo music show. When YG's daughter group won the cup, Nancy showed a unusual appearance, appearing at Black Pink. The Internet-based controversial female believes that the personality of Nancy has a problem, it is very difficult for the success of Black Pink.

Nancy's face is wrong.

Nancy's face is wrong.

Recently, on the exhibition Weekly IdolNancy explained, "I often hear people say that I'm looking different, according to my face-painting. Many times I sit there, I don't but lots of people ask Nancy, are you angry with something? It appears that many people are frightened of it by the end.

When she looked up with no feeling of the presentation, Nancy was now very sad. Momoland appears to have been misunderstood when he was standing on the platform with Black Pink. At that time, she was going away somewhere and looking hard but the listeners thought that Nancy was watching GA stars.


Nancy was stoned for writing at Black Pink.

Netizen was very comfortable with the face of Nancy's deceit. Readers Nate said: "It is a real weight when people often understand that you are not pressured into their mind," "People are just handsome because Nancy "People with faces It is not a smile, not wrong to understand, there is always a smile trying to get the boys spread", "But Nancy knows that it is difficult to be against someone when they don't. he laughed in front of the lens, "If you know your face when you look scary, Nancy should laugh" …

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