Nancy Grace Roman – BBC Points out an outstanding offense of science in science or engineering


All conversations about the technology industry that these sites express on the terrible patriarch system that are in place; related to the system, the way women do not have the opportunity and the proof that many women do not do this. Explanations come from a & # 39; find out that the patriarch is over and over; and that it is a simple result on capitalism to the point of James Damore, and women may not just go to; They really liked to make sums. Due to the scientific support for those last ones, such as Simon Baron Cohen, we are going into Damore's vision, as abusive.

Our more specific response would be the responsibility of the boundary types of uncertainty – see the work of Baron Cohen – who lives in the technology industry, definition, social disabilities. This may be a bit too hard, and it may not be as good as others in social interaction. So, pick up all nerds in the acronym to one of the western mountains and you will ending with a flexible social space, and our definition is for Silicon Valley and we are doing it; keep it.

But for Dr. Nancy Grace Roman. If there was a direct discrimination against the woman, the person involved in the Nasa system would be problematic. In the event the BBC tells us that she did not:

Paying to Dr. Nancy Grace Roman is paid, and First woman who holds an active situation at the Nasa spatial group of the USA. Mrs. Mother of the Hubble; Dr Roman for her work at the early stages of Space Hubble Bell. Nasa said she was the most important legacy she had on women in the sciences and generations of young scientists who inspired her. She died in Maryland at 93 at 93.

Good, excellent, but that has needed to be hard, and fight the patriarch?

In a video that was released by Nasa in February, the Roman Catholic said she had never had any problems with her colleagues at Nasa. "It was very well accepted as a scientist for work," she said. "The men were very co-operative, and I felt that the men took me as one of the team without a problem."

That's how it's likely to be. When a rigorous measurement system is similar to being able to make amounts – the rating system is likely to be based on that measurement system, not a species.

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