Nando & Chicken Licken added both tight political television advertisements


Chicken Licken, Nando


  • Chicken Licken and Nando's fast food chains on the two tv releases are released by political messages.
  • Nando identifies South African clans, long & Chicken Licken has a new appearance on coltasachas.
  • We were completely separated when we came to choose the best ones.

Nando's fast food chains and Chicken Licken have released both new TV ads that you can see South Africa in a different way.

Nando's advertising pokes have stereotypes and tendency among South Africa. It appears stubborn when they are in a position; look forward – but then they also show that, and # 39; commit crime. During the advertisement, they will start badly with the words "You people".

"It's a phrase that goes handicapped with an unprofitable tendency," said Doug Place, Nando's marketing manager.

"We are all guilty of this, some as well as others," he says

At the same time, the new Chicken Licken advert tells Big John's story & # 39; who leaves South Africa in 1650 on a funny comedy.

He travels all over the world, meet all kinds of challenges, including sharks and big scocs.

Chicken Licken, Nando


Finally, in 1651, it is reaching a Dutch pole, and many for it to be remarkable that locals are in a position; deciding to land the country.

Chicken Licken, Nando


Which one is the best?

Both ads are humorous and even heavy.

The Chicken Licken airplane attacks a great deal of sense, as long as you are Nando's armies to explore your own craft.

Chicken Licken and Nando have been cautious to have a very unsure guide when South Africa is in a position; fight them – but they are always trying to do a contract and do it; making South Africa think of his box.

On behalf of us, the two ads just made that, making it difficult for us to choose the best ones. In fact our office was divided down in the middle.

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