Nantes's permanent release number, Number 9 Room … "I will never forget"


It is anticipated that Nantes has spread the number of nine striker Emiliano Nasala who was killed.

[골닷컴] It is anticipated that Juan Manuel Nantes will be broadcasting nine of Emiliano Nasala, the old deceased who has died.

"Nantes will be ranked by nine," said Nantes on his team's Twitter page, "Sala is part of a fantastic story that wrote a good story in Nantes." A permanent number is called a permanent number.

Previously, President Veldemar Kita Nantt revealed his desire to leave all the time on 9th.

He said, "I do not know what it means. This is a shame. I was extremely personally." Emil left a sign here. Like many fans, I also want to identify its achievements by regularly cleaning the number nine. "

A striking Argentine room, which has moved from Bordeaux to Nantes in 2015, has played with a number of nine from 2016-17, the second season. He won the league in his last three quarters, including 12 league goals of this season.

Based on his performances, he moved to the City Premiership club in January with a £ 15m mobile tax (about 21.9 billion of profit). However, on January 22, when traveling from Nantes to Cardiff on a lightweight plane, he was caught untimely near the channel's system and grew famous at the age of 28.

"Emmy, I will never forget." (Nantes Twitter)

Photo = Getty Images / Nantes Home Page

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