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SINGAPORE – Students and parents regretted after an event came to an end when an event occurred when an event occurred on 22 January – Nanyang Girls High School (NYGH).

Chinese newspaper Shin Min Daily News said that a female teacher, who believed to be the head of 4 years in secondary school, was to prove the student's uniform to determine the color of the color; they had their breastbrows when they were in a while; make their dress.

Shin Min says that NYGH students are allowed to apply white clothes only.

A parent told the Chinese paper that the female teacher involved in the event had been in attendance; Do the fish on behalf of the male teacher.

However, the teacher believed that he put the umbrella buttons on student dress and his / her; Bring out their bra boots as long as she was. look.

In response to questions from The Straits Times on Tuesday (29 January), NYGH's relationship and relationship leader Zhang Bo stated that a female teacher's approach to recent auditing has caused some of the students to be & # 39; feeling uncomfortable ".

In a statement, he stated that "the principle of e-mail is sent to all parents to clarify and bring forward the item". Shin Min said the e-mail was issued on Thursday.

The NYGH torch policy aim is to educate students to be brilliant and tender, and the guidance of the student garden yard and full clothing, Mr Zhang said.

The school has spoken to her students and he is watching the girls who are in attendance. affecting it, he said. The participating teacher has also been disturbing the students.

"The school is committed to establishing a learning environment for all students," he said.

ST recognizes that a number of students have subsequently released the event on social media, express their disappointment on how the spot checks were carried out.

Many of these points have been removed since then.

A former 19-year-old student of NYGH who refused to be named by ST did not have such chess reviews when she was attending school.

However, teachers would "give up oral warnings" if they saw students who were " sheets sheets of other colors, she said.

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