"Naomh" shepherd to win the Mitchai prize of a fun battle.


St. Piem Piem Piem Pae Pae I'm not sure if it's a good idea, the first is the first one. The influence of Fluke Honor Blue Faith. Come fun to meet each other as a duet game. Sunday, November 26, 61 at Vigna Ratchadamnern

Pongpiam Saphue (Red) Set up Prak Pimsom (Red) Meet the Punch Blue Honor Blue Flutte Small Pony 126 Halloween Holy Open 3-2 pounds.

The saints are not accelerated by the use of ancient faith cells, through the boxes, and comb, combine, & # 39; combing, straightforward, although the small stream does not; scared most of her. RSS Feeds RSS Feeds Next 3 Days Observations I do not know how to do it.
Raise the three saints at the beginning without being careful to do something small to fight the right grid. Strokes need to be & # 39; hitting the Holy Sunday. I lost the ulbage to crack at the nose, but the end of the fight for its nose; hit a pic to throw the square flip climb out of three to 7-4 saints.

Two final buildings Although the knee hit the knees stopped, but enough to catch the route to fight with its mailbox; wrestling on the left of his knee of the play to stop; before. The little flour tried to reduce the waulking that was; fighting in the hit; on the wild squirrels until it was not enough to finish the saint to the end of the 49-48 final score of three voices Jirasha Sira Ratanasakul, Pai. Frogs and Somboon Prapawong

The other two are as follows: Somdejdee Anuwat Gym Win Little Ban 4 Decision, Diamond Jongrak Wongprapa gave an influence on Fahn Anuwat Gym, Muaythai gave an influence on his home automation, He was the smallest, and hit the score of the Thailand Republic, Teppong Prachin, Laem Pho Sak Laem Pho, Phet Phanphan Anuwat Gym, The University of Chulalongkorn lost the score on Monday.

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