Naples: Hamsik is giving her a new Ferrari, Cannavaro is a " disturbed him


"Welcome home", Welcome home. So Marek Hamsik welcomes him, with a message on her & her; his Instagram profile, his new game. Step back: Missing January. when the captain of Naples, always through social networks, voted among his fans. "Red Ferrari no Lamborghini black?", faced the problem and can not give a response, brought out through an Instagram story that compares the two jewels.

Well, Slock has come to a final solution, "and the winner is …" the Ferrari! A Ferrari 488 Track, in detail, as published by the Japanese publishing pictures, a well-known familiar lover and "collector" of luxury cars. How much to treat them as if they were part of the family and welcome them.

And Paolo Cannavaro is missing him

Among the different ideas for the post, then, his friend and a team companion, Paolo Cannavaro (today in China, his brother Paolo's colleague), who has been excited to him, saying that Ferrari did not have too much joy to go to the place of training, usually two steps from home: "It's not bad to make 500 meters a day: home, field, field, home!".

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