Narcos: Review Memo: An exciting time for a Great Show Anchor


Encouraged by real life, the latest stock of Netflix drum drama is great to Diego Luna and Michael Peña.

"Narcos: Mexico" wants you to think that it's a new show. The latest season of the Netflix drama was triggered to submit a new tossile problem, and # 39; moving to a different area of ​​the world, and promising audience; The first time the previous seasons did not need to be seen. He is even an exceptionally enrolled from "Narcos" on the Netflix site, with the new programs listed as "Season 1."

However, all the important situations are still the same series, making it an easy choice for previous fans. Showrunner Eric Newman has been a great deal to play drama on the growing saga of a drug war for television, and this is a great deal. including 10 fèisean, detailed statements, not for activity and drama.

Although the range can be great, "Mexico" is a specific focus level management, as the display is a # 39; Hugeing two men in the early 1980s: Felix (Diego Luna), the man who ran a marijuana business as a corporation, and Enrique "Kiki" Camarena (Michael Peña), a DEA agent who has the team making their best possible to reduce Felix's work, despite how difficult it is; He is trying to do so close to being able in a country so trucking to Mexico.

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Although it's difficult to leave Pedro Pascal's star, which easily became one of the best things about the original series during the days of Colombia, Luna is very big at & # 39; Getting for the series and leaving Felix a fearful, but often a figure. (It's a fun event that Pascal and Luna both run their "Star Wars" series for a forthcoming broadcasting service).


"Narcos: Meagsago"

Carlos Somonte / Netflix

Some other expert experts appear in a & # 39; step, featuring Matt Letscher, known CW fans as "Flash" speaker Eobard Thawne, and "Mad Men" alumni Aaron Staton, and Ken Cosgrove (without eyepatch). But Luna and Peña are still in the show, and even though they rarely do it; Share the screen together, the couple will do for a better one. Peña has a long track from Ant-man's wise click here, making sure that Kiki is well-established in this world of life.

"Narcos" has always been more "Scarface" than "The Godfather," and this season looks like it has been done by that fact (characters still watch a copy VHS of Brian de Palma movie at one time). There are times when the chickens start to have a bit of common sense, the agents have a & quot; Continue to not develop enough as characters – and they are the male characters, who get fortunate compared to the women, may be suitable as humans. The performers will do what they can with the trops that they are doing; Given, but not "Narcos" is the display that looks if you are. Looking for female characters with any real group.

During Escobar's running of the show, "Narcos" has sometimes been likely to affect the shorter things of cartoon life, which is "Mexico". trying to avoid – however, the use of medium-sized centers that emphasizes the natural beauty of the landscape, especially the local beaches and the green.


"Narcos: Mexico."

Carlos Somonte / Netflix

There are some blocks in these programs (no purpose for completion is to be extended to almost 70 minutes), and the voice of the show again has been badly used. However, that statement tells them historically, because in an unusual turning we do not learn the reporter's identity until the end of the season – although spectators are spectacular able to recognize the actor as Scoot McNairy, a new member that will be set up to take an important part in another season.

At the end, & # 39; It was a story in the "Narcos"; is always rooted, and evolving around the globe in a tough knowledge that drug-resistant solutions are largely essential. The show is not scared to assume that the system is broken, that the worst aspects of the person's nature may be; Ensure business is always successful for those men. This basic fact is to make a warrior out of the ordinary men who are doing; trying to fight this fact, and many of them become casualties in this battle.

The opening lines "Narcos: Mexico" showcase the way they live; affecting the world: "I tell you a story, but she does not have a happy ending. Indeed, there is no end." It's hard, but honest, and just looking at the state the world today, it is difficult to agree that the show has a point. Fortunately, although this message may be lower, the stories are strong enough to be valuable.

Level: B

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