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NASA returned to its moon, according to one of the space organization administrators United States, James Bridenstine. He announced Friday that his state agency is & # 39; looking for companies that make models and essential systems that can be reused to carry astronauts when they return and return to the natural satellite of the moon.

"We are going to turn on new technologies and innovative systems to explore more places on the surface than we were thinking of, ever, "he said. Jim Bridenstine. "This time, when we go to the moon, we'll," wrote the worker NASA in the article published in it Ozy, mid American American spokesman Carlos Watson.

"To do so we need a permanent human presence outside Earth's shape," he explained an NASA administrator. He went on to explain that the organization needed a place to commit promise to astronauts via a more advanced system " white orb", in which America has baptized as the Gateway.

In planning the trip to the Luna, the Gateway bases the organization's job space. Jim Bridenstine, who will be responsible for guiding this trip in accordance with its own words, explained that the aim of the trip to the Earth's natural satellite is the "long-term human exploration".

NASA's officer stressed this decision to be & # 39; travel to Luna of the space agency supported by the US president, Donald Trump, and the Legislation.

Also, Jim Bridenstine He said they were looking for the best ideas on the North American business for their construction Gates. He said the team was space organization He is already working with nine US companies for the next time to the moon.

NASA would give him a space natural satellite of Earth in the next ten years. The technical tool moved to the Moon is recorded for 2020.

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Controller of advanced NASA orders for the next time to the Earth's natural satellite, Moon. Picture: Pixabay.

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