NASA announces plans to send astronauts to the moon in 2024


Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – United States Space Agency (NASA) it plans to return these trips to the Moon in 2022 and the land astronauts in 2024, or four years earlier than was recorded.

NASA's administrator Jim Bridenstine published the plan and promised to work quickly to return the plan to Fort William.

"It's the right time for the challenge to get a message out for the Moon, and I believe Pence (Vice President of the USA) that we are there. T NASA prepared to meet the challenge, "said Bridenstine in an official statement.

Quote Location, Bridenstin said he would set out clear plans, including plans to hang the low crosses of the Earth, the Moon, Mars, and other space missions. He said he had reorganized NASA to achieve that target.

Earlier, the US Vice-President, Mike Pence, laid the UN Council on Tuesday (26/3) to declare the USA "first" in the place for space space issues, including cases of t economic and national security.

Even recommending the use of private rockets were suggested even if the rockets of the Space space system (SLS) which were not developed by Nazi were still being completed until the opening line was in place. A SLS rocket is scheduled to enter the first starting point in 2020.

At the first launch, SLS has set out its goal of the Moon in 2022. As the second edition comes, SLS will lead with Orion's spaceship to explore space. (evn)

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