NASA arrives to NASA moon moon: Apollo stones are from Earth – not from Science spas. News


A study in the Earth and Planetary Science magazine has queried the origin of a white rock sample that was raised when the NASA Moon came in 1971. The busy study this week has published Find that a chemical chemical composition is a Moon is much closer to the rock than the Earth than it is to the moon's rock. Researchers have found pathways of quartz in a rock – mineral – usually unavailable; moon. A moon-shaped rock sample was built in the NASA Apollo 14 mission, which saw the instruments of Alan Shepard and Edgar Mitchell. going on the moon.

The rock was then lent by NASA to the University of Curtin in West Australia where it was inspected by a team of international researchers.

The researchers are now recommending that their # 39; The rock closes the path to the surface of the moon after it's going to go; split asteroid into our home world a billion years ago.

The research author Professor Nemchin, from Curtin's Earth and Earthetary Sciences School, said that the small sample is 1.8-gram of moon rock similar to the stone- grain.

The expert said: "There is also a quartz, which is even more unusual on its moon.

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"By probing the twentieth age found in the sample, we were able to celebrate the age of a rock at around four billion years old, resembled the oldest rocks on the Earth.

"In addition, the chemistry of the circles in this sample is quite different from the other sugars that have ever been examined in lunar samples and are very similar to those of zircons found on the Earth. "

Based on the composition of a chemical and rock, Professor Nemchin completed the circus created at low temperatures.

There was also a likelihood of presence of water in the presence of water and oxygen, Explain more that it came from Earth and not its moon.

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He said: "It is possible that some of these unusual situations have happened locally and very short on the Moon and as a result of this evidence from normalists.

"However, it is a simpler explanation that this piece was created on Earth and brought it to the surface of its Moon as a metadata that created an asteroid and Earthly Earth around four billion years ago, and to cast in place and the moon.

"There would be more effects on Moonlight at other times on the mix of Earth cliffs with white cliffs, including the future Apollo 14 website, where it was collected by struggles and bought it back to Earth. "

Apollo's lunar morale 14 mission was nine days; Invasion of the moon that was discharged from Earth on 31 January 1971.

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Commander Alan Shepard, Stewart Stuart Roosa Module, and Lunar Module Pilot, Edgar Mitchell, found Earth in Saturn V.

NASA warriors spent two days on the surface of their moon, and # 39; Collect samples of geometric rock and wild scenes.

Overall, NASA collected a value of 45kg (100 not) rock from the moon to revise Earth.

The Apollo 14 team returned to Earth on 9 February, 1971, and went down in the Pacific Ocean to revitalize it.

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