NASA Astronaut Scott Parazynski's Introductory Fluidity Technologies


When he returned, Parazynski said he wanted to build a company based on what he learned as an asset, from working with colleagues around the world for training and design things in real truth.

In 2016, Parazynski Technologies Fluidity established in Houston. Its first output has a & # 39; company, the FT Aviator, using fancy beans using a & # 39; fly DJI voices as easy as possible with just one hand. Parazynski's ultimate aim is to change this regulatory technology to work with a robotic surgery in "tele-operations."

With tele-television works, a specialist in Houston can use a surgical machinist to make complicated methods of patients anywhere in the world and get the same product as if both in the same operating space. But this is needed in detail.

The current rulers, for both badgers and robots, Look like something you use to play games on Xbox. They want two hands, and this can make straightforward motions, and can take thousands of training training effectively.

Parazynski says that the FT Aviator should be easier to become a master.

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