NASA contributes to a contribution to help Tony Stark Get Home


As most of your details know the search Avengers: Endgame Tony Stark left in one hell of a problem. It has been shown to be navigating through space, out of food and water, and about a & # 39; run out of oxygen. Many think that Captain Marvel at Bree Larson is the woman to save her, and maybe they're fine. To that end, a group that is familiar with a few things about traveling the place has been offering a handy hand.

That's right, NASA has gone out to Marvel and they have helped them to give the superhero house. In response to one of the darkest and worst scenes we've seen in the & # 39; Marvel's Film Summary, NASA has expanded some advice. You can look down below.

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NASA is so grateful to take time out of their busy time to help Marvel, what's happening with her. Mars case.

I heard through the translation that there is a theory that looks Tony Stark's position in which it is; sends a message to Pepper Potts to the end of the film, and perhaps this is his last scene. That would be a smuggler for the least to say, although there is a bit of poetry, I can not see Marvel who puts out the person who started the ceilidh world in a way.

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