NASA engineers create 49th touchdown concert after Mars coming ashore


The San Francisco 49ers may be 2-9 this year, but that does not mean that nobody had been watching them.

After the NASA InSight succeeded successfully on Mars's surface, two engineers, Brooke Harper and Gene Bonfiglio were heard with a handicap that could be a bit familiar with 49ers followers.

Harper, Chiefs' fans, said they had a copy of the sale between the 49ers Marquise Goodwin and Kendrick Bourne receipt after Goodwin was able to visit his Chief Clan in Week 3.

"We knew we were sitting together in the control room, and we thought it would be really good for both of us," she said. "We've seen something we've enjoyed from a game before, and we've put something out."

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Bonfiglio, Patriots fans, said he would take them weeks to complete their handbags.

"We started using it and how it breaks the film about five to six weeks ago," he said. "We have to make a movie in slow motion so we can see it and break it down."

The InSight is designed to penetrate Mars surface to help scientists explore within its planet.

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He took six months in the six months to reach Mars, and he went to bed. The first craft is on land on her; red planet since the NASA rover Curiosity was down in 2012.

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