NASA examines the examples of the moon brought back by the Apollo mission


(MENAFN News Group – Trend) The US space agency, NASA, has selected nine teams to study the moon samples taken at the Apollo tours in the 1970s, reporting on Xinhua training.

"This is kept unparalleled for around 50 years, I am excited that the samples will be open for the first time they are inspected by a new generation of scientists," appointed by Thomas Zurbuchen, administrator for NASA & Mission Mission Direction, tweet on Monday.

The examples from the Apollo 15, 16 and 17 missions are those from the Apollo missions 15, 16 and 17, some of which have never appeared in the Earth's atmosphere.

In an online statement, NASA made specific reference to the sample taken from the base of the objection complaint during the Apollo mission 17, possibly with the help of scientists "exploring the layers". just as they were on the Moon. "

“By exploring these first-hand, valuable examples, a new generation of scientists will help by advancing our understanding of our neighbor and preparing for the next time of moonlight research and beyond. said Zurbuchen.

The nine teams comprise four NASA teams and four university research teams, as well as a team from the US Naval Research Laboratory, sharing an award of 8 million US dollars together.

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NASA examines the examples of the moon brought back by the Apollo mission

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