NASA experts predicted the beginning of a new Ice age


Специалисты NASA предсказали начало нового Ледникового периодаCause of climate change may be the decline in solar activity.

If you believe the forecasts of experts, in the near future the climate will become more severe, leading to crop failures and famine. In 1645-1715 years has happened before the little Ice age, when summer was observed frozen. Medieval people could not farm animals, not enough food, population, respectively, were starving.

Scientists from NASA said that every month the Sun are more "asleep" soon any activity on the luminary stops. Last year in the Sun, there is almost no outbreaks. Experts say that everything that happens is evidence of the change cycle. Like that just happened in the middle Ages.

Now we can observe climate change on the territories where once was relatively warm, the snow began to fall. Changes occur so quickly that people will not have time to prepare them.

NASA does not scare people future events, since it is possible that everything will go more or less smoothly. Humanity may not notice any shortage.

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