NASA gave a page from the 49ers game to mark Mars to land


The touchdown event dates back to 1965, when a new New York Giants homer Jones new 89-car visitor admitted first game play and stopped the activity by going to # 39; sketching football in the head belt.

That is according to the story of the Bleacher Report 2009, and I think we should keep it.

Since then the two stages in TD have become one of the most important examples of cultural and artistic ideas in the world.

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And, from Monday, out of this world – thanks to text-decorated romance that has dreamed of San Francisco 49ers, Marquise Goodwin and Kendrick Bourne's markets.

On Monday, Mars InSight Lander sailed down (get it) On his red planet after a six month trip, 300 million miles, $ 828 million. The last seven minutes of flying is the hardest for NASA drivers to Overseeing the attack from the Laboratory Jet Propulsion in Pasadena. Due to the time transmitted from Earth to Mars, they did not; They can only sit on their hands and hope.

"We can not go into the land, so we have to be responsible for the suppositions we have submitted to our spacecraft", explained Rob Grover, EDL (induction, folklore and land) in a recent statement.

We will surprise you: Lander put the attack forward, and inspire some of the best and most explicit NASA engineers to see Goodwin and Bourne the sadness of her; dream. Look up:

Here is the right hand that promotes. Compare and contrast to the content of your heart:

P.S.: Not just NASA's & # 39; Mars marking arrives.

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