NASA gives a warning about illness from a & # 39; attacking Earth today


This is due to the appearance of a hole in the sunlight, creating auras that is a The North American and United States strip covers.

Sunflowers are believed to be one of the "greatest risks" of humanity. They can cause major problems with power supplies, which mean that there is power. In addition, these storms could be & # 39; creating false devices in the electrical system equipment, which means that the Earth's orbits and lower troops are capable of; pull down.

A great sunny storm struck the Earth in 1859, and the same storm could make sure our modern society is struggling to put too much on technology.

Archaeologist Brian Gaensler at the University of Toronto, Canada has warned of the effects of sun storm, which could damage satellites, prevent cell phones and other types of other Links . Sun storm effects can last months, even years.

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