NASA in the countdown to give Mars a seismometer


An NASA in the home count down for the coming ashore on Monday on Mars of the study Mars InSight, from 993 million dollars, and the first one able to listen to an earthquake and explore other rocky planetary work.

The unmanned spacecraft was launched almost seven months ago and has traveled around 482 million kilometers.

It is part of your mission Recite the efforts to send some people to their one-day red planet, something NASA hopes to achieve in the 2030s.

The Mars Mars tour is the first from 2012, when the explorer News NASA came ashore and analyzed the rocks for life signs that could remain in the & # 39; planet beside the Earth, is now frozen and dry.

InSight needs to survive with the difficult entry in the atmosphere of the red planet, traveling at a distance of 19,800 kilometers per hour and, speed reduction rapidly just 8km per hour.

Entry, climbing and landing will start at 07:47 GMT Monday (16:47 Chilean time). Half jokingly, at NASA they talk about that stage "6 minutes half of borders."

Out of the 43 campaigns launched to Mars, only 18 have reached its red planet, a successful level of around 40%, and everyone came from the United States.

"Moving to Mars is very tough," said Thomas Zurbuchen, administrator associated with NASA Mission Science Department.

"Interestingly, we are building on the success of the best team that has come into this planet, which is the NASA team with their contractors and their colleagues. "


The InSight name comes "Audit within the use of seismic, geodesy and heat transport inquiries".

The spacecraft will have a higher height, one meter, and once a Their solar panels are used, it will stretch almost 6 meters.

With full fuel cost, InSight values ​​more than 360 kg, almost the same as Harley Davidson's motorcycle.

Its main instrument is A seismometer detective earthquake that was made by the French Spanish Association (CNES).

"This is the only NASA mission that argues about an instrument made from abroad," said Jean-Yves Le Gall, president of CNES, to AFP.

For that reason, he said, "it is a fundamental objective for the United States, France," and to develop Mars's understanding.

The six earthquake sensors on board are so attractive that they should tell the smallest quicks on Mars, such as the poor appeal of Phobos moon, the effects of the painters and the evidence of volcanic activity.

Seismology has taught a lot of people about Earth creation around 4.5 billion years ago, but much of the evidence based on the Earth was lost with the recyclable of rubbish, led by plateau teethonean. This process is not Mars.

At its boat there is also a self-detection that can excavate to a depth of between 3 and 5 meters, offer to & # 39; Mars is the first correct measure of underground temperatures and the amount of heat that inside the heat.

An The parachute will be stored ashore. Its heat shield will help reduce its & # 39; boat and protect against the damages that are damaged; go into Mars Mars.

An It's a flat space; in a landing site called Elysium Planitia, NASA has said "the biggest parking lot on Mars."

NASA will know in some instances whether the route was successful or not, but it must wait for more than five hours to confirm the use of the equipment.

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