NASA Insights has successfully arrived on Mars Chinese TRT


NASA successfully insights on Mars

The InSight survey that NASA successfully launched on Mars successfully.

NASA reports say, "To correctly understand and collect the size and shape of Martian boundaries, temperature within Mars, cunning activity, and finder; This red planet, over 480 million kilometers after six months of travel. The journey was on Mars's surface in a safe format. "

The statement stated that Insight's sanitary induction came to the red star after 6 minutes and 45 seconds into the Martian atmosphere.

The statement said that the lawyer, who quickly accelerated after entering the air, Reduce the impact of the accident with the red planet and its # 39; opening the parachute, and eventually the detector came ashore north of Mars.

The "InSight" Mars confirmation will seismograph on the ground to find "Mars vibration". These words appear as the underground rocks are on the clock, and that data can be compared to Earth, show more causes of creating a planet for 4.6 billion years ago.

The statement says that the space space will not cover any research for its first six weeks, and scientists will keep track of the overall position of the vision at this time.

After this time, the detector's arm will add the detector to the surface of Mars and perform a earthquake test for about 4 meters from the base within 40 days.

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