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November 19, 2018 • Technology news •

After Mars Curve 2012 launched Mars on Mars, NASA will send Mars new Mars on Mars. NASA's mission broadcasting is an important spas for worldwide science stakeholders on the website and social media on November 26th, EST, at about 3pm (4pm on 27th, Hong Kong time).

NASA said the probe Insight (Exploration) study will be the first round to explore the Martian subway. It can heat the heat that is exposed from the rock below the ground and collect data from the planet through the analysis of the Martian earthquake. It was launched on 5 May this year at Base Force Air, Vandenberg, California. In addition to the above reasons, scientists are hoping to determine Mars's internal structure through the relevant data, as well as obtaining information about the pace of falling falls.

In addition to Insight, at the same time, at the same time, there will be two small satellites, an independent test called Mars Cube One, and when Insight came ashore, they will help explore it for a while. At that time, many major cities in Europe and America will live live to look at the time they go into Insight, and interested scientists can look after The NASA website and social media at 4m on the 27th century Hong Kong.

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