NASA invites media to look at NASA Load System Progress


NASA invites media to look at NASA Load System Progress

Press release
From: Space Space Flight Center
Post: Wednesday, 20 February, 2019

Invitation to the press media is viewed on a key stage and see a pilot tool for NASA's Spatial System, a new deep American rocket, at NASA facilities in Louisiana and Mississippi on Thursday, February 28.

NASA has recently completed its emergence, which identifies the beginning of integration and a large SLS concentration, heightening 212-feet, and. including four RS-25 rocket rocket devices, propellant tanks and flying computers. The move forward will connect three main structures effectively – the skipper, the fluid oxygen tank and the internet – to create the tallest part of the rocket's main level.

The high quality is the most powerful rocket in the world. It includes the hydro-electric tank and a tile oxygen tank that is a? Holds 733,000 gallons of movement to empower the four platforms of the RS-25 platforms that will write on the deeper ventures beyond those previously traveled.

The media wishing to attend should contact Tracy McMahan at 256-682-5326 without more than 5 p.m. CST, Monday, February 25.

This event includes factory trips. Long-range pants and flat shoes, a brook-free brochure, need to be served by media attendants. Photo identification is required and this is not open but for US citizens.

NASA and key contractors give probation and error; SLS exams are guided by experts and answering questions. The tours begin at 7 a.m. CST at the NASA Michoud Synod Resource Center in New Orleans, and then visit an evening to the Stennis Spasian Center of the group in Stennis, Mississippi, to visit tourism facilities, engine testing and interview experts. Bus transport will be provided between resources.

Media will have access to:

Test engine engineer to demolish a RS-25 engine built with printed 3D parts to increase device prices on future SLS initiatives, and interview behavioral system experts

Check and illustrate the SLS's top level for Exploration Mission-1, and & # 39; the first integrated SLS aircraft and Orion livestock

Learn about the original work that is going on for Exploration Mission-2 (EM-2), the second plane for SLS, and # 39; including hardworking and engines

Meet and interview young professionals and other experts working on the first deep American rocket

For more than NASA SLS visit:

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Tracy McMahan

Marshall Flight Flight Center, Huntsville, Alabama


[email protected]

Calvin Thomson

Stasis Space Center, Mississippi


[email protected]

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