Nasa is scared as the Mars InSight shipbuilder of Red Planet cover


Mars Insight's goal is to listen to rocks and religions as a way of opening up the mysteries of its Planet, how it created a billion years ago and with expansion, as other rocky planets such as Earth format.

LOS ANGELES – Nasa's largest scientists have gone into sleepy nights, dark pieces, stomach disorders and months of fear of fear because their Mars Insight spaceship is in. going to a Drama drama day on Monday: coming ashore on Mars.

Mars Insight's goal is to listen to rocks and religions as a way of opening up the mysteries of its Planet, how it created a billion years ago and with expansion, as other rocky planets such as Earth format.

The non-formal spacecraft was launched almost seven months ago, and Nasa was the first time to try to go to # 39; exploring the future planet of the Earth since the rover Curiosity arrived in 2012.

Over half of 43 trying to reach Mars with rovers, orbiters and probes with space organizations from around the world have failed.

MAKING: How Mars is Mars Space Space in Mars?

Nasa is the only spatial organization that is made, and is invested in these strategic initiatives as a means of preparing for its first human researchers linked to Mars in the 2030s.

"We will never give Mars. Mars is tough," said Thomas Zurbuchen, Nasa-related administrator for the science mission steering, Sunday.

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The indoor high-speed play, stretch and go to; Starting at 11:47 mn at the Nasa Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, a home of Mars Insight's mission control.

A careful series is scheduled – previously recorded previously on the spacecraft – which happens over the next minute, draw "six or a half minutes of terror".

Increasingly faster than a 12,300 mph shot, a rescue-flying spacecraft will be a? Meet paths that crawl as it is; coming into Mars atmosis.

The heat shield will move to a temperature of about 1,500 Celsius. Radio signals can be lost short.

The heat shield is erased, the three legs are out, and the parachute is in a position; appear.

"We're just blocking it for a bit, which is a terrible thought for me," said Tom Hoffman, the InSight project manager.

But then, the spacecraft distributors will fire, and # 39; dragging down the 800-not (365 kilogram) spacecraft quickly with just 8 kph when it reaches the surface.

Because the Earth does not have a backstall for this spaceboat, and there is no way of translating if something goes wrong, Hoffman explained his feelings as a mix.

"I am totally comfortable and very stupid at the same time," he said.

"We have done everything we will do to ensure that we are successful, but you do not know what's going to happen."

Graphic of the current active soldiers and the rovers on the planet Mars and around them. InSight intends to come to Mars on November 26.

Hoffman, who is the father of two two and four-year-olds, said "had not been so sleeping," he said. It could be because of the young sheep that were involved.

But when the first signal comes to GMT GMT, we hope that the landlord will go down safely, altogether and above, "I'm completely going to bring back the old age four years at that time," he said.

Zurbuchen commented that InSight was "extremely" because aggression tools set by a number of European space agencies into the waist-high singer.

The French National Center of Ethics Spatiales (CNES) was the Seismic instrument for Instrument Internal Structure (SEIS), the key element for feeling a vet.

The German Aerospace Center (DLR) brought a self-sensory memo to 16 feet (five meters) to the surface – longer than any other device – to measure the amount of heat.

The Center of Spanish Astrobiology has made windcraft spacecraft sensation.

There was another special support for the project from the Spanish Research Center of Polish Academy of Sciences and Astronika in Poland, Swiss Institute of Technology in Switzerland, and the Imperial College and Oxford University in Britain.

Together, use these physics to investigate geological processes, Bruce Banerdt, Chief Investigator of InSight at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, said.

By listening to Mars on wheat, whether it affects magic or meteor or even volcanic activity, scientists can learn more about their inside and its; show how the planet was created.

The objective is to map inside Mars in three dimensions, "so we understand within Mars as well as we have understood in the same way, out of Mars, "said Banerdt to reporters.

Understand how Mars could be created to & # 39; show more about the processes created by Earth too.

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